Gitlab from zero to one is installed based on docker gitlab (JAVA little bamboo, recommended Collection)

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docker Foundation

You should first master the common skills of docker. If you are not familiar with it, please be familiar with these articles

docker common operation container commands

docker common operation image commands

How docker mounts data from the host to the container (1)

How docker mounts data from the host to the container (2)

hardware configuration

The minimum configuration officially recommended is 4-core 8G

If the configuration is insufficient, an error message 502 will appear.

Image download

docker search gitlab

How to query the version of an image provided by a third party:

Find the specified version you want and copy the docker command (it is not recommended to directly use the latest version. This is to obtain the latest version. The operation command and configuration may change)

docker pull gitlab/gitlab-ce:13.5.1-ce.0

Download succeeded

Start container

docker run \
 -itd  \
 -p 9980:80 \
 -p 9922:22 \
 -v /usr/local/gitlab-test/etc:/etc/gitlab  \
 -v /usr/local/gitlab-test/log:/var/log/gitlab \
 -v /usr/local/gitlab-test/opt:/var/opt/gitlab \
 --restart always \
 --privileged=true \
 --name gitlab-test \

Access address:

Sometimes the startup is slow, and 502 will appear when accessing. Just wait a little longer

You can also follow up the startup through the log

docker logs -f --tail 100 gitlab-test

Start successful

As shown in the figure below, the startup is successful.

To change the password, the default account is root

After setting the password, you will be prompted.

Gitlab page Sinicization settings

After logging in, set one as follows:

As shown in Figure 2:

Then refresh the page.

Create first project

As shown in step 1:

Operation 2:

As shown in the figure, the project is created successfully

There is a problem with the clone link

However, there is a problem finding the link to be cloned


Enter the container

docker exec -it gitlab-test /bin/bash

Modify gitlab.rb

vi /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb

#This file is completely commented out, so add the following configuration directly on the first line

external_url ''
gitlab_rails['gitlab_ssh_host'] = ''
gitlab_rails['gitlab_shell_ssh_port'] = 9922

Save and exit


Exit container


Restart container

docker restart gitlab-test

View startup log

docker logs -f --tail 100 gitlab-test

Then access the address and you will find that you can't access it

Why? I searched online for a long time. Many of them were copied and pasted. Later, I found the answer from a blogger.

When changing external in gitlab.rb_ URL parameters will have side effects (not clearly stated in the official documents!). Let's review the adjustments we have made

external_url ''
gitlab_rails['gitlab_ssh_host'] = ''
gitlab_rails['gitlab_shell_ssh_port'] = 9922

At this time, port 80 and port 22 corresponding to gitlab's service have silently changed to port 9980 and port 9922.

Therefore, the corresponding docker mapping needs to be adjusted.

Delete the previous container first.

docker stop gitlab-test
docker rm gitlab-test

Restart the container again

docker run \
 -itd  \
 -p 9980:9980 \
 -p 9922:9922 \
 -v /usr/local/gitlab-test/etc:/etc/gitlab  \
 -v /usr/local/gitlab-test/log:/var/log/gitlab \
 -v /usr/local/gitlab-test/opt:/var/opt/gitlab \
 --restart always \
 --privileged=true \
 --name gitlab-test \

The startup is normal, and the clone link is normal.

reference resources

Hardware configuration data:

docker deployment gitlab:

gitlab external_ Step on the pit:

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