Java project: design and implementation of online furniture mall platform (java+springboot+mysql+ssm)

Main technology: Spring MVC   Springboot, mybatis, mysql, jQuery, layui and other technologies

Specific functional modules:

(1) User registration and login functions:

① User registration function: visitors to the website register their own accounts according to the tips of the website

② User login function: the user can enter the user name and password for login operation. When there is no such account, an error will be prompted. The user must complete registration or obtain it from the database to operate at the member permission level. After successful login, you can purchase goods and query the order details

(2) . personal information management:

① Modification of user information, including modification of user information such as member name, password, gender, contact information, e-mail and personal introduction. However, the member mailbox is bound to the account, and the member mailbox cannot be changed.

② Order management: orders can only be queried and deleted, and cannot be modified. Modification belongs to the permission of the administrator.

③ User exit operation: when you click user exit, you will exit the current user's login status and return to the tourist status.

(3) . commodity operation:

① Search commodity operation: when you enter the household products you want to search in the search column, you will use fuzzy query to search the household products that customers want to query.

② Product list display:

③ Product details display:

(4) . shopping cart management:

① Display product information: as soon as we enter the shopping cart page, the detailed information of the product and the function information of the shopping cart interface will be displayed.

② Modify commodity quantity: users can enter different quantities of commodities themselves. When the quantity of commodities changes, the inventory of commodities will be reduced accordingly, and the subtotal of the amount of purchasing this kind of commodity will be obtained according to the quantity of commodities.

③ Delete items from cart:

④ Changes in shopping process:

(5) . order management:

① Order generation: when you enter the settlement center, you will be prompted that you have successfully logged in and come to the settlement center. Then, when you submit an order, an order is generated and displayed on the confirm order page.

② Confirm order: when you click confirm order, you will enter the payment page, where the real payment operation will be performed.

③ Order query: the details of the order will be displayed on the my order page. We can query the order information we want.

④ Order management: the information of all orders will be displayed on my order page, where you can delete orders, query orders, etc.

The background administrator mainly designs:

The background of the system is specially designed for the personnel managing the home mall system. The functions are as follows:

(1) Super administrator: has the maximum authority to manage the system. It has two unique functions

① Data dictionary: you can add, delete, modify and query the classification lists of different classifications in the background.

② Role management: administrators with different permissions are divided into different roles. Each role has its own permissions and cannot perform unauthorized operations

(2) . commodity classification management:

① Add edit classification: click the Add button to jump to the classification addition page. You need to write classification name and classification description information.

2. Delete classification: when you click the delete button, a reminder box will pop up. When you click OK, delete the classification, and click Cancel to keep the original.

(3) . commodity management function:

① Query commodity: query the list of all commodities, and query by commodity name, commodity category and price range

② Add and modify commodity: click Add commodity to go to the add commodity page. You need to provide commodity name, commodity picture, commodity category, commodity price, inventory quantity, commodity description, etc.

④ Delete goods: delete goods.

Let's cut some renderings for you

System client homepage:

Login registration and background user management:

Background commodity information management:

Function selection:

User information management modification:


Background user information code:

public class AdminUserController {
    private UserService userService;

     * Open the user list page
     * @return
    public String toList() {
        return "admin/user/list";

     * Open the edit page
     * @param id
     * @param map
     * @return
    public String toEdit(int id, Map<String, Object> map) {
        User user = userService.findById(id);
        map.put("user", user);
        return "admin/user/edit";

     * Get a list of all users
     * @param pageindex
     * @return
    public ResultBean<List<User>> findAllUser(int pageindex,
                                              @RequestParam(value = "pageSize", defaultValue = "15") int pageSize) {
        Pageable pageable = new PageRequest(pageindex, pageSize, null);
        List<User> users = userService.findAll(pageable).getContent();
        return new ResultBean<>(users);

    public ResultBean<Integer> geTotal() {
        Pageable pageable = new PageRequest(1, 15, null);
        int total = (int) userService.findAll(pageable).getTotalElements();
        return new ResultBean<>(total);

    public ResultBean<Boolean> del(int id) {
        return new ResultBean<>(true);

    @RequestMapping(method = RequestMethod.POST, value = "/")
    public ResultBean<Boolean> update(int id,String username,
                                      String password,String name,
                                      String phone,String email,
                                      String addr) {
        // Query before updating
        User user = userService.findById(id);
        return new ResultBean<>(true);

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