[digital signal processing] synchronous compression and transformation of digital signals based on MATLAB [including Matlab source code 1534]

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2, Introduction to synchronous compression transformation

Based on WT, SST uses synchronous compression operator to improve the resolution of time-frequency ridge in time spectrum, and realizes the extraction and reconstruction of instantaneous frequency. set up ψ (b) Is the wavelet generating function, then the continuous wavelet transform of signal x(t) is:

x(t) - vibration signal;
W(a,b) - continuous wavelet transform result of x(t);
t -- time variable;
a - scale factor;
b -- translation factor;

According to the analysis, the instantaneous frequency information of position (a,b) in the wavelet domain is:

ω x(a,b) - instantaneous frequency;
j -- imaginary unit.
Literature [10] found that no matter what value a is, the oscillation characteristics of W(a,b) on B point to the initial frequency Ω. Therefore:

According to the defined synchronous compression transform, the inverse wavelet transform is:

x(b) - result of inverse wavelet transform;
C ψ—— Phase difference coefficient;
ψ (a ξ)—— Wavelet generating function.
yes ω x(a,b) is integrated along the direction of scale a and classified into frequency domain ω=ω At the position of x(a,b), the synchronous compression transformation is defined as:

Sst ( ω, b) - synchronous compression function of signal B;
ω—— Angular frequency.
The result of equation (6) and phase difference coefficient C ψ, The amplitude of the signal is reduced to the position in the frequency domain, and finally the high-resolution time spectrum is obtained.

3, Partial source code

% A numerical signal.
SampFreq = 100;

t = 0 : 1/SampFreq : 14-1/SampFreq;

Sig = [sin(2*pi*(25*t))];



Ts  = SST(Sig',100);

axis xy
ylabel('Freq / Hz');
xlabel('Time / Sec');

%signal reconstruction.

%Reconstructed signal.
title('Reconstructed signal');

%Original signal
title('Original signal');
function [Ts] = SST(x,hlength);
% Computes the SST (Ts)  of the signal x.
%    x      :  Signal needed to be column vector.
%    hlength:  The hlength of window function.
%    Ts     :  The SST

[xrow,xcol] = size(x);

if (xcol~=1),
 error('X must be column vector');

if (nargin < 1),
error('At least 1 parameter is required');

if (nargin < 2),

ht = linspace(-0.5,0.5,hlength);ht=ht';

% Gaussian window
h = exp(-pi/0.32^2*ht.^2);
% derivative of window
dh = -2*pi/0.32^2*ht .* h; % g'

[hrow,hcol]=size(h); Lh=(hrow-1)/2; 


[trow,tcol] = size(t);

tfr1= zeros (N,tcol) ; 
tfr2= zeros (N,tcol) ; 

tfr= zeros (round(N/2),tcol) ; 
Ts= zeros (round(N/2),tcol) ; 

4, Operation results

5, matlab version and references

1 matlab version

2 references
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