Deploy HECO master synchronization node using HECO binary in Ubuntu system

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Before starting this document, briefly describe the HECO synchronization:

  • Server environment
Server: alicloud server
CPU: 8 nucleus
 Memory: 32 GB
 Data disk: 1 T SSD Data disk
 Bandwidth: exclusive 30 M
  • software environment
Ubuntu 20.04.3

1, Download HECO binaries

  • Download HECO binaries
cd /data/heco
  • Grant executable rights
chmod +x geth-linux-amd64 

2, Edit heco master profile

  • Edit the heco main network configuration file. For the main network configuration file, please refer to:
cd /data/heco
cat config.toml

SyncMode = "fast"
TrieCleanCacheRejournal= 300000000000

GasFloor = 8000000
GasCeil = 8000000
GasPrice = 0
Recommit = 3000000000
Noverify = false

CacheDir = "ethash"
CachesInMem = 2
CachesOnDisk = 3
CachesLockMmap = false
DatasetDir = "/data/heco/data/.ethash"
DatasetsInMem = 1
DatasetsOnDisk = 2
DatasetsLockMmap = false
PowMode = 0

Locals = []
NoLocals = false
Journal = "transactions.rlp"
Rejournal = 3600000000000
PriceLimit = 1
PriceBump = 10
AccountSlots = 16
GlobalSlots = 4096
AccountQueue = 64
GlobalQueue = 1024
Lifetime = 10800000000000

DataDir = "/data/heco/data"
InsecureUnlockAllowed = true
NoUSB = true
IPCPath = "geth.ipc"
HTTPHost = ""
HTTPPort = 8545
HTTPCors = ["*"]
HTTPVirtualHosts = ["*"]
HTTPModules = ['eth', 'net', 'web3']

WSHost = ""
WSPort = 8546
WSModules = ['eth', 'net', 'web3']

GraphQLVirtualHosts = ["localhost"]

MaxPeers = 50
NoDiscovery = false

ListenAddr = ":32668"
EnableMsgEvents = false

ReadTimeout = 30000000000
WriteTimeout = 30000000000
IdleTimeout = 120000000000
  • Modify HECO main network configuration file

HTTPHost: HTTP-RPC service connection whitelist. The default value of this parameter is "localhost". Only local access is allowed. It can be set to: ""

HTTPVirtualHosts: HTTP-RPC service listening interface. The default value of this parameter is ["localhost"] and can be set to: HTTPVirtualHosts = ["*"]

3, Binary startup HECO main network

3.1 download bsc master network snapshot data

  • Install the window manager tool under linux: screen
apt-get install screen -y

3.2 start HECO main network node

screen -S heco /data/heco/geth-linux-amd64 --config /data/heco/config.toml --logpath /data/heco/logs

Parameter Description:

– config: Specifies the HECO node configuration file
– logpath: Specifies the HECO node log directory

  • View node log startup status
# head -100 chain.log 
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.096] Starting Geth on Ethereum mainnet... 
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.096] Bumping default cache on mainnet         provided=1024 updated=4096
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.097] Maximum peer count                       ETH=50 LES=0 total=50
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.097] Smartcard socket not found, disabling    err="stat /run/pcscd/pcscd.comm: no such file or directory"
WARN [10-18|18:27:38.097] Option nousb is deprecated and USB is deactivated by default. Use --usb to enable 
WARN [10-18|18:27:38.098] Sanitizing cache to Go's GC limits       provided=4096 updated=2606
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.098] Set global gas cap                       cap=25,000,000
WARN [10-18|18:27:38.098] Sanitizing invalid miner gas price       provided=0    updated=1,000,000,000
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.098] Allocated trie memory caches             clean=390.00MiB dirty=651.00MiB
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.098] Allocated cache and file handles         database=/data/heco/data/geth/chaindata cache=1.27GiB handles=32767
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.114] Opened ancient database                  database=/data/heco/data/geth/chaindata/ancient readonly=false
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.115] Writing default main-net genesis block 
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.115] Persisted trie from memory database      nodes=5 size=742.00B time="37.858µs" gcnodes=0 gcsize=0.00B gctime=0s livenodes=1 livesize=0.00B
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.115] Initialised chain configuration          config="{ChainID: 128 Homestead: 0 DAO: <nil> DAOSupport: true EIP150: 0 EIP155: 0 EIP158: 0 Byzantium: 0 Constantinople: 0 Petersburg: 0 Istanbul: 0, Muir Glacier: <nil>, RedCoastBlock: 6618800, Berlin: 8577000, London: 8577000, Engine: congress}"
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.115] Initialising Ethereum protocol           network=128 dbversion=<nil>
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.116] Loaded most recent local header          number=0 hash=5751d1..4cb144 td=1 age=10mo3w10h
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.116] Loaded most recent local full block      number=0 hash=5751d1..4cb144 td=1 age=10mo3w10h
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.116] Loaded most recent local fast block      number=0 hash=5751d1..4cb144 td=1 age=10mo3w10h
WARN [10-18|18:27:38.117] Failed to load snapshot, regenerating    err="missing or corrupted snapshot"
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.117] Rebuilding state snapshot 
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.117] JamConfig sanity PeriodsSecs             old=0 new=3
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.117] JamConfig sanity JamSecs                 old=0 new=15
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.117] JamConfig sanity UnderPricedFactor       old=0 new=3
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.117] JamConfig sanity PendingFactor           old=0 new=1
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.117] JamConfig sanity MaxValidPendingSecs     old=0 new=300
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.117] Resuming state snapshot generation       root=51729b..61d32f accounts=0 slots=0 storage=0.00B elapsed="544.689µs"
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.117] Generated state snapshot                 accounts=4 slots=0 storage=259.00B elapsed="780.136µs"
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.117] Regenerated local transaction journal    transactions=0 accounts=0
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.132] Allocated fast sync bloom                size=1.27GiB
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.132] Gasprice oracle is ignoring threshold set threshold=2
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.132] Prediction started                       checkBlocks=20 Interval=3 ff=2 mf=5 lf=8 minMi=500 minLi=1000 fp=75 mp=90 minCnt=100
WARN [10-18|18:27:38.132] Error reading unclean shutdown markers   error="leveldb: not found"
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.133] Starting peer-to-peer node               instance=Geth/v1.2.0-stable-f7849a80/linux-amd64/go1.13.4
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.139] Stored checkpoint snapshot to disk       number=0 hash=5751d1..4cb144
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.145] New local node record                    seq=1 id=ef7e229d842043a6 ip= udp=32668 tcp=32668
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.149] Started P2P networking                   self=enode://e1f394741c1e2e77797d04e42da63b9f52f3717d89a33f7317ef70f3b87511869508114d5a522ba5c543d961d9ed3426a6457cbe33a550ecfc01fc36145564d1@
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.149] IPC endpoint opened                      url=/data/heco/data/geth.ipc
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.150] HTTP server started                      endpoint=[::]:8545 prefix= cors=* vhosts=*
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.150] WebSocket enabled                        url=ws://[::]:8546
INFO [10-18|18:27:38.151] Initialized state bloom                  items=9 errorrate=0.000 elapsed=18.155ms
ERROR[10-18|18:27:39.440] Snapshot extension registration failed   peer=98998f1a err="peer connected on snap without compatible eth support"
INFO [10-18|18:27:39.630] New local node record                    seq=2 id=ef7e229d842043a6 ip= udp=32668 tcp=32668
INFO [10-18|18:27:48.150] Block synchronisation started 
INFO [10-18|18:27:50.076] Looking for peers                        peercount=2 tried=139 static=0
INFO [10-18|18:28:01.226] Looking for peers                        peercount=2 tried=98  static=0
INFO [10-18|18:31:58.461] Imported new state entries               count=273 elapsed="3.638µs"   processed=273 pending=4369 trieretry=0 coderetry=0 duplicate=0 unexpected=0
INFO [10-18|18:35:19.310] Imported new block receipts              count=2048 elapsed=381.770ms   number=875,712 hash=8f1f86..3a8931 age=9mo2w5d    size=5.63MiB

4, Query whether synchronization is completed

  • View the current latest block
# curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_blockNumber","params":[],"id":1}'
  • View current synchronization status
# curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_syncing","params":[],"id":1}'

Note: if the result is false, the synchronization is completed

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