Development and design of campus errand applet

I. project introduction

The errand running applet has a mobile terminal, that is, the applet terminal. It has a background management system to maintain data. It can register an account, log in to the system, buy for me, send for me, do for me, shopping cart, settlement, personal center, order management, order receiving processing, commodity maintenance, user management, system management and so on

II. Functional structure diagram of the project

Project function structure diagram

III. Project function introduction

(1) Achieve user registration.
First, if you want to use the applet, you need to register an account first, add your own account information, such as user name, password, phone number, email address and gender, and then submit it to register successfully.
(2) Realize user login
If you want to place an order, log in first. In the applet login interface, enter the corresponding user name and password, and click login. If it does not match, the system will give a prompt. If the match is successful, log in and enter the homepage of the applet
(3) Realize in personal Center
The personal center mainly displays the basic personal information, personal orders and personal orders, which may include orders bought for me, orders sent for me and orders made for me.
(4) Realize the user exit function
The user exit function is to exit the applet, and then clear the user information in the applet.
(5) Home page design of running errands
First, there is a rotating picture on the home page of errands, and then design a rolling dynamic advertisement, and then help me buy, sell and make modules for me.
(6) Help me buy functional design
The main functions of buying for me are commodity classification, shopping cart and commodity settlement
(7) Help me send the function design
The function of sending orders for me is to click, then place orders, and so on
(8) Help me with functional design
Help me with the function, that is, click the corresponding option, fill in the corresponding information, and then wait for the order to be received.
(9) Individual order
Personal orders mainly include buying orders for me, delivering orders for me and making orders for me
(10) Commodity maintenance
Commodity maintenance is mainly used to maintain commodity information, add, modify, delete and other functions
(11) Order maintenance
Order maintenance: maintain the orders that you buy for me, send for me, and make for me. Then, the corresponding errand runner can receive the order. After the operation is complete, you can click the confirmed operation.
(12) User maintenance
Users who maintain the system. System users include ordinary order users, order receiving and errand running users and administrators
(13) System maintenance
System maintenance mainly maintains the permission information of the system, such as menu management, permission management and role management

IV. project function design

Home page design

The home page design has the functions of rotating pictures, dynamic announcements, buying, selling and doing for me.
Core code:

<!-- Rotation -->
		<view class="wrap">
			<u-swiper :list="list" mode="rect" :effect3d="false"></u-swiper>	
	list: [
						image: '/static/lb1.jpg',
						title: 'Rotation 1'
						image: '/static/lb2.jpg',
						title: 'Rotation 2'
	Buy me:
	<u-section title="Buy it for me" :right="false" :showLine="false" color="#f9b72e" style="margin-left: 30upx;margin-top: 30upx;"></u-section>
			<u-grid :col="4" :border='false'>
				<u-grid-item  :key="key" v-for="(item,key) in helpmyBuyList" >
					<image :size="86" :src="item.img" style="width: 60upx;height: 60upx;"  @click='goFl('></image>
					<view class="grid-text">{{}}</view>
		helpmyBuyList: [
					{ id: 1, name: 'Alcohol and tobacco', img: '/static/yanjiu.png' },
					{ id: 2, name: 'snacks', img: '/static/lingshi.png' },
					{ id: 3, name: 'drugs', img: '/static/yaopin.png' },
					{ id: 4, name: 'Fruits', img: '/static/shuiguo.png' },
					{ id: 5, name: 'street food', img: '/static/xiaochi.png' },
					{ id: 6, name: 'Moon Cake', img: '/static/yuebing.png' },
					{ id: 7, name: 'Drinks', img: '/static/yinliao.png' },
					{ id: 8, name: 'Package', img: '/static/taocan.png' }

The java code used by the background service needs to start the java service to help me buy, sell and send

Start java service

 * @Decription: Running applet app startup class
 * @qq: 2579692606
public class RunsApp {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        SpringApplication springApplication = new SpringApplication(RunsApp.class);,args);

V. project acquisition

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