GULP Compile less and Build Local Development Environment

GULP Compile less and Build Local Development Environment


  • 1. Create a new folder in your own development environment directory, such as opening cmd and creating a new support folder
  • 2. Enter Folder
  • 3. Generate using NPM Package.jsonfile
  • 4. Global installation of gulp
  • 5. Install plug-ins locally
  • 6. NewGulpfile.jsfile
  • 7. Create a folder for static resources, such as project
  • 8. Create a storage directory and page html for static resources under the project folder, such as dist files for.less
  • 9. Use PHPStorm or WEBStorm right keysGulpfile.js, click'run'default'
  • 10. Browser Open http://localhost:8081 , the port number can be configured by itself

D:\workspace\C>mkdir Support
D:\workspace\C>cd Support
D:\workspace\C\Support>npm install -g gulp
D:\workspace\C\Support>npm install –save-dev gulp-connect gulp-rename -gulp-less gulp-minify-css

D:\workspace\C\Support>mkdir project
D:\workspace\C\Support>cd project
D:\workspace\C\Support\project>mkdir dist css js img

Interpretation of plug-ins

Plugin Name Effect
gulp-connect Set up a local webServer
gulp-rename Rename File Name
gulp-less Parse LESS file
gulp-minify-css Compress CSS files

Gulpfile.jsRelated Configuration

var gulp = require('gulp'),
    connect = require('gulp-connect'),
    rename = require("gulp-rename"),
    less = require("gulp-less"),
    minifyCSS = require('gulp-minify-css');

@Compile LESS file
gulp.task('less_common', function () {
    gulp.src('./project/dist/base.less') // Compile dist base.less
        .pipe(less()) // Processing LESS
        .pipe(minifyCSS()) // Compress CSS
        .pipe(rename({ // Rename Files
            basename: "common.min",
            extname: ".css"

@ watch LESS Changes to Files
gulp.task('lessWatch', function () {'./application/dist/bse.less', ['less_common']); // MonitorBase.lessChange, save changes when file changes

@ Create a local one SERVER
gulp.task('webserver', function () {
        root: ['project'], // Open directory for server
        livereload: true, // Instant refresh, refresh page when html, css, js change
        port: 8081 // Monitor local port number

@Default Tasks
gulp.task('default', ['webserver', 'lessWatch']);

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Posted on Thu, 09 Jul 2020 12:14:49 -0400 by ts10