How can I deploy my project on Tencent cloud server so that others can access it

How to deploy your project on Tencent cloud server so that others can access it

In fact, the principle is: put your project on the ECS and run it with tomcat. Change the tomcat port number to 80, and others can use ip + project name + index. The jsp interface accesses
What is a cloud server? To put it bluntly, it is a networked computer, but it has no entity. It is virtual and invisible
Well, without much gossip, let's get to the point

The first step is to apply for cloud server (the Tencent cloud student package I applied for here is 10 yuan, and other clouds have similar activities for the first time)

Just search Tencent cloud student package directly on the website. I bought the Windows Server 2012 system

I have bought the renewal fee for the display here. After payment, refresh the interface and send you an account and password in the message

Step 2 enter the console to view your own information

Step 3 login

Click login, you can click login on the web page, or you can use the local remote control on the computer

The computer name writes the primary IP address of the server, and the user name writes its own user name. If it is not set, it defaults to Administrator (here all refer to the servers of the optional windows operating system, others don't know)
Here's a reminder: if you want to synchronize the driver on your computer to the ECS, you need to do this: click local resources ----------- find driver ----------- check the driver you want to synchronize. For example, I choose Disk F
Then, the user name is the IP address of the server you are applying for. The above also explains how to check it, and then you can connect

Step 4: enter ECs

The exciting moment has come. Here is my interface. When you first entered, there was only one recycle bin. Mine was installed by myself,
This is equivalent to buying a computer

Step 5. Install all kinds of required software

As mentioned above, you can synchronize the drivers of your host computer. Just drag out the installation packages and install them one by one. I will only talk about the next steps and precautions:
1. First install jdk and configure environment variables, and the detection is successful
2. Install mysql. It is strongly recommended that the installation package be placed in the program file under disk c. There will be no errors in the installation
3. Install navicat
4. To install tomcat, you should pay special attention here. I dragged my computer's Tomcat directly. I tried for several hours without success, and then re downloaded version 9.0 on the ECS
5.eclipse is optional. Just put the war package in webapps under tomcat
7. Change the port to 8080 by default
Someone will ask why you want to change the port? 8080 is the default port of tomcat, and 80 is the common default port. If the port is set to 80, you do not need to connect to 80 after entering the ip. Because 80 is the default port.
We just need to modify the configuration of Tomcat. Open the directory where Tomcat is located, open the conf folder, and click

Open the server.xml file. The parts to be modified are as follows:

<span style="color:rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.75)"><span style="background-color:#ffffff"><span style="color:#000000"><code class="language-java"><span style="color:#669900"><</span>Connector port<span style="color:#669900">=</span><span style="color:#669900">"8080"</span>protocol<span style="color:#669900">=</span><span style="color:#669900">"HTTP/1.1"</span> 
              connectionTimeout<span style="color:#669900">=</span><span style="color:#669900">"20000"</span> 
               redirectPort<span style="color:#669900">=</span><span style="color:#669900">"8443"</span><span style="color:#669900">/</span><span style="color:#669900">></span> 
<span style="color:#669900"><</span>Context path<span style="color:#669900">=</span><span style="color:#669900">""</span>docBase<span style="color:#669900">=</span><span style="color:#669900">"shop1"</span> reloadable<span style="color:#669900">=</span><span style="color:#669900">"true"</span> <span style="color:#669900">/</span><span style="color:#669900">></span>
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  • 4
  • 5

8. Enter the bin directory in the tomcat file and open the saltup.bat project to run!!!!!!!!

Here is my project
The above is a personal graduation design website I deployed. It is only for testing and is still improving.

About domain name

Domain name registration is particularly troublesome. I have to file for review and spend money. At present, my purpose (allowing others to visit my website) has been achieved. In the future, I will learn how to operate the domain name. I will continue to update it below

Choosing the right platform is the most important thing for ECs to carry business!

Judging from the current pattern of the domestic cloud computing market, the top three domestic cloud computing are Alibaba cloud, Tencent cloud and Huawei cloud. Alibaba cloud and Tencent cloud, as enterprises backed by the Internet platform, prefer B-end users; Huawei and, as traditional communication giants, prefer the G-end.

Of course, how to select a server model? Here is a document summary in detail. The document address is:

Which cloud server is good! Server configuration and price comparison of Alibaba cloud, Tencent cloud and Huawei cloud in 2021? ‚Äč

If it is a high concurrency and high IO business scenario, it is necessary to determine the server specification to optimize the performance of business applications. Refer to the official document:

Alibaba cloud server specifications: ECS instance family - ECS specification

Tencent cloud server specification: CVM instance family - ECS specification

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