How to load template file with MarkDown rich text editor

We only need a piece of loading code to finish the mark down loading template file.

$("#md-demo").bind('click', function () {
        $.get("/Lib/MarkDown/examples/", function (md) {
            testEditor = editormd("test-editormd", {
                width: "99%",
                height: 740,
                path: "/Lib/MarkDown/lib/",
                appendMarkdown: "\n" + md,
                saveHTMLToTextarea: true,
                watch: false,
                htmlDecode: true,
                toolbar: false,
                previewCodeHighlight: false,
                tex: true,
                flowChart: true,
                sequenceDiagram: true,
                emoji: true,
                taskList: true,
                onload: function () {
                    console.log('onload', this);

                    this.config("lineNumbers", false);

                        toc: false,
                        tex: false,
                        toolbar: true,
                        previewCodeHighlight: true,
                        flowChart: false,
                        sequenceDiagram: false,
                        dialogLockScreen: false,
                        dialogMaskOpacity: 0.5,       // Set the transparency of the transparency mask layer, which is universal globally. The default value is 0.1
                        dialogDraggable: false,
                        dialogMaskBgColor: "#000"

                    this.config("onresize", function () {
                        console.log("onresize =>", this);



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