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The following is a summary of some easy-to-use extensions found and used in the development, which will be updated constantly. If there is a good extension recommendation, you can also leave a message and I will add it in time for your own and everyone's use.

1. Timed task management extension

2.php validation extension (similar to yii2)

3. Alibaba is larger than SMS extension

4. Wechat payment extension

5. Alipay payment expansion

6. UnionPay payment extension

7.http request extension guzzle (no zttp)

8.http request extension zttp

9. Yii2 redis extension

10. WeChat public number expansion (easyWechat)

11. Qinniu ueditor (you can directly transfer the image to the qinniu cloud js plug-in)

12.Linux wechat web page expansion

13.PHP parsing Markdown

14.PHP generates pdf document

$mpdf = new Mpdf();
//Prevent Chinese miscoding
$mpdf->autoLangToFont = true;
$mpdf->autoScriptToLang = true;

$mpdf->WriteHTML('<h1>Hello world!Hello</h1>');

//Output directly to browser
//Download files directly
$mpdf->Output('test.pdf', 'D');

15. Latest phpexcel extension

16. Open source PHP file management system

Ke Dao Yun

17.php data verification extension

18. Generate 2D extension

19. Phanalysis word segmentation extension

20.PHPMailer sends email

$phpmailer = new PHPMailer();
$phpmailer->SMTPDebug = 2;
$phpmailer->SMTPAuth = true;
$phpmailer->Host = '';
$phpmailer->SMTPSecure = 'ssl';
$phpmailer->Port = 465;
$phpmailer->CharSet = 'UTF-8';
$phpmailer->Username = '***';
$phpmailer->Password = '1234551112';
$phpmailer->FromName = '***';
$phpmailer->setFrom('***', 'test');
$phpmailer->Subject = 'I'm testing sending mail';
$phpmailer->Body = '<h1>Hello World</h1>';
$status = $phpmailer->send();

21.rageframe yii2 framework

22. Data capture class library

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