PowerShell gets the latest 10 system logs

I recently found out that my program always calls some halal code, so I quit at run time. I want to get the system log to know how my program quits and how I get the latest 10 system logs through PowerShell. Why do I need to get the latest 10 logs, because there may be several other programs that quit when my program exits, and my input is slow, so I need to write like this.

In PowerShell, you need only one command to get the application logs in the latest 10 system logs

Get-EventLog application -newest 10 | Format-List EventID,EntryType,TimeGenerated,Message,Source

This is the approximate output at run time.

EventID       : 1001
EntryType     : Information
TimeGenerated : 2019/4/29 10:38:55
Message       : Fault Storage Section 125730739576,type 5
                //Event name: PerfWatsonVS12Data
                //response: Unavailable
                Cab ID: 2188124701481020576

                //Problem signature:
                P1: PerfWatsonTcdb
                P2: 0
                P3: 0
                P4: 0
                P5: 0

                //Additional files:

                //These files are available here:

                //Analysis symbol:
                //Re-examine the solution: 0
                //Reason: Lindsey is too funny
                //Report ID: 1cbd43b1-3f84-4940-8acd-4f2bf79599ba
                //Report status: 268435464
                //Hash storage segment: fb30d2b9a7acf0305d4da51668259751nCab GUID: 3760cd78-5646-4c0e-ae5d-c7d2a408aca0
Source        : Windows Error Reporting

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Posted on Mon, 07 Oct 2019 16:39:22 -0400 by dr.maju