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This article describes how to initiate http requests to get data from the server during the development of React Web sites.

Dead work

Install the superagent module, a tool to get get get data from the server or push data to the server by post ing it:

zhyuzh$ cnpm i superagent --save-dev

Official Open Source Project Address for superagent

Create a datas/mydata.js file in the dist directory to place the file instead of the number of json data returned by the server interface, so it's best to use a strict json format with double quotes for the field names and no commas after the last field:

    "title": "Heading 1",
    "text": "Text Content 1"
    "title": "Heading 2",
    "text": "Text Content 2"

Initiate get request

When an element is added to the page, make a request, noting that the data is converted using JSON here.

Once you have the data, you can use setState to make it work immediately.

Modified section in HomePage.js:

    componentDidMount() {
        let that = this
            .end((err, res) => {
                    mylist: JSON.parse(res.text)

In the render() method, if mylist data generation elements are used (for example, multiple duplicate interface elements are generated from a single list), setState automatically refreshes these elements when the data is read.

Like the following code:

let rightItems = []
        for (let i = 0; i < this.state.articleList.length; i++) {
            let data = this.state.articleList[i]
            rightItems.push(h(Grid, {
                item: true,
                xs: 12,
                sm: 6,
                md: 4,
                lg: 3,
            }, [
                h(Card, {
                    className: css.card
                }, h(CardContent, {}, [
                    h(CardMedia, {
                        image: data.image,
                        className: css.cardMedia
                    h(CardContent, {
                        style: {
                            padding: 0
                    }, data.title)

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