[rk3399] [Android 7.1] debugging notes: sdk local environment building

Platform: rk3399
OS: Android 7.1
Kernel: v4.4.83

After getting the official sdk, you need to build an environment on the local gerrit server.

manifest.xml filtering:

cat manifest.xml | sed 's;revision=.*/>;/>;g' | sed 's;remote=.*/>;/>;g' | sed 's;remote=.*>;>;g'> default.xml

Modify the first few lines:

<remote fetch="./" name="origin"/>
<default remote="origin" revision="refs/heads/master" sync-j="4"/>

This file is the corresponding xml file submitted by rk original code, which will not be modified after filtering, and will remain unchanged in git warehouse.

Create an empty branch on gerrit, and then clone:

git clone ssh://kris.fei@ -b master

Submit default.xml

git add .
git commit -m "Init version"
scp -p -P 29418 kris.fei@ .git/hooks/  
git commit --amend
git push origin master:refs/for/refs/heads/master


git-repo/repo init -u ssh://kris.fei@ -b master

Submit sdk Code:

git-repo/repo forall -c 'git remote add pb2 ssh://kris.fei@${REPO_PROJECT}'
git-repo/repo forall -c 'git push pb2 rk_origin:master' rk_origin Is a local branch,The latter must be master Branch, otherwise repo sync Can't find it master

Add tag:

git-repo/repo forall -c 'git tag rk3399_origin_20180128'
git-repo/repo forall -c 'git push pb2 rk3399_origin_20180128' 

Development branch creation:
Under. repo/manifests, modify the xml file to meet the needs of the development branch. At this time, you can remove the unused git warehouse and submit it after modification.

Modify the xml file:

<remote fetch="./" name="origin"/>
<default remote="origin" revision="refs/heads/tek_dev" sync-j="4"/>

Submitted by:

git push origin master:tek_dev


git-repo/repo init -u ssh://kris.fei@ -b tek_dev

rk code is push ed to our gerrit:

git-repo/repo forall -c 'git remote add pb2 ssh://kris.fei@${REPO_PROJECT}'
git-repo/repo forall -c 'git push pb2 rk_origin:tek_dev' rk_origin Is a local branch,tek_dev Is a remote warehouse branch, this push Actions can create the latter directly, tek_dev Name and manifest The newly created branch names in are the same

Add tag to remote warehouse:

git-repo/repo forall -c 'git tag rk3399_tek_dev_20180128'
git-repo/repo forall -c 'git push pb2 rk3399_tek_dev_20180128' 

If the branch name and tag are wrong, you can also delete them:
Delete the rk3288 branch of the remote warehouse:

git-repo/repo forall -c 'git push pb2  :rk3399_origin' 

Delete remote warehouse tag

git-repo/repo forall -c 'git push origin :refs/tags/rk3399_origin_20180128'

Tags: git xml ssh SDK

Posted on Mon, 04 May 2020 02:11:37 -0400 by dannyluked