Software Workers Practice Second Pairing Programming Job in Autumn 2021

Which course does this assignment belong toConstruction Method - Autumn 2021 - Software Engineering of Fuzhou University
Where is this job requiredSoftware Workers Practice Second Pairing Programming Job in Autumn 2021
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Paired member number031902111
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PSP Forms and Learning Progress Bar

PSP table

PSPPersonal Software Process StagesEstimated time-consuming (minutes)Actual time consumed (minutes)
EstimateEstimate how long this task will take15902150
AnalysisNeeds analysis (including learning new technologies)300600
Design SpecGenerate design documents--
 Design ReviewDesign review (review design documents)--
Coding StandardCode specifications (develop appropriate specifications for current development)6060
DesignSpecific design120100
CodingSpecific encoding8001000
Code ReviewCode Review6060
TestTest (self-test, modify code, submit changes)6060
Test ReportTest Report--
Size MeasurementCalculate Workload3030
Postmortem & Process Improvement PlanSummarize afterwards and propose process improvement plan60120


Learning Progress Bar

Day N

Add Code


Cumulative code


Time-consuming study the same day


Cumulative learning time


Important growth
10033A preliminary understanding of the development process of WeChat applet
2303036Familiarized with the use of labels
35080612Initially completed the interface editing, initially learned to use wxss
4 200280618Requirements for single-person cookies completed
5280560826Requirements for Multiplayer Gambling Preliminary Completed

Programming thinking


1.Use of wxss, wxml, js

Since I was the first time to make a WeChat applet, wxss, wxml, js had only heard about it in the previous learning, which was not very likely. As a result, I encountered a lot of difficulties in encoding and spent a lot of time learning it.

2. WeChat Developer Tools

To make the WeChat applet, downloaded the WeChat Developer Tool and learned the basic use of the tool


1. There are many difficulties in modifying the style of the label. I don't know how to modify wxss. I spend a lot of time looking at official documents and looking for videos.

2. I didn't know how to generate random numbers when I randomly generated the dice, but I learned after reading many tutorials

  data: {
    userNumbers : 0,
              "First Show",
              "Binary stroke",
              "Triple red",
              "Opposite Hall",
              "Wish your kids a promising future!",
              "Five children with one show!",
              "Five Kings!",
              "Six cups of black!",
              "Six cups of red!",
              "Flos Aristolochiae!"
    var app = getApp()
    var temp = [0,0,0,0,0,0,0]
          num1: Math.ceil(Math.random()*6), 
          num2: Math.ceil(Math.random()*6), 
          num3: Math.ceil(Math.random()*6), 
          num4: Math.ceil(Math.random()*6),  
          num5: Math.ceil(Math.random()*6), 
          num6: Math.ceil(Math.random()*6), 
          userNumbers: app.globalData.all_num,
    temp[Number(] += 1;
    temp[Number(] += 1;
    temp[Number(] += 1;
    temp[Number(] += 1;
    temp[Number(] += 1;
    temp[Number(] += 1;

Pair programming process

Github correlation

Programming experience

1. Compared with the first pairing programming process, this one is a lot more difficult. Last time, I just encountered difficulties in using the prototype tools. This time, I encountered a lot of difficulties in learning and using the WeChat developer tools, wxss, wsml, js, but I also learned a lot after discussion and learning.

2. Feel good and understand the basic process of applet development

Programming Events and Gains

1.Learn to use wxss styles by discussing and finding data

2.Basic understanding of the use of various tags in wxml, and some of the basic framework of the page.

3.I learned the importance of UI prototyping for programming.

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