The most fully installed proxmox tutorial in history (based on vmware workstation)

Install Proxmox

  • Create a new virtual machine using vmware workstation

  • Select install Proxmox VE

  • Select [ok]

  • Select [iagree]

  • Select the disk on which the system is installed. You can select an option partition, which is not recommended by beginners.

  • Modify the time zone and select [Next]

  • Enter password and mailbox, select [Next]

  • Set up network information, select [Next]

  • Confirm the information and select [install]

  • After installation, select [reboot]

  • Select the first option to boot

  • Enter username password to login

  • Create a cluster

root@shaonian:~# pvecm  create yunwei-cluster
Corosync Cluster Engine Authentication key generator.
Gathering 1024 bits for key from /dev/urandom.
Writing corosync key to /etc/corosync/authkey.
Writing corosync config to /etc/pve/corosync.conf
Restart corosync and cluster filesystem
  • View cluster status

root@shaonian:~# pvecm status
Quorum information
Date:             Mon May 20 16:23:08 2019
Quorum provider:  corosync_votequorum
Nodes:            1
Node ID:          0x00000001
Ring ID:          1/8
Quorate:          Yes

Votequorum information
Expected votes:   1
Highest expected: 1
Total votes:      1
Quorum:           1  
Flags:            Quorate 

Membership information
    Nodeid      Votes Name
0x00000001          1 (local)
  • View Cluster Nodes

root@shaonian:~# pvecm nodes

Membership information
    Nodeid      Votes Name
         1          1 (local)
  • Modify apt source

vi /etc/apt/source.list
deb stretch main non-free contrib
deb stretch-updates main non-free contrib
deb stretch-backports main non-free contrib
deb-src stretch main non-free contrib
deb-src stretch-updates main non-free contrib
deb-src stretch-backports main non-free contrib
deb stretch/updates main non-free contrib
deb-src stretch/updates main non-free contrib
  • Update apt Source

root@shaonian:/etc/apt# apt-get -y update
  • Install net-tools

apt-get install net-tools -y
  • Open the Web page (note https) and enter the username password (username root, password set at installation time)

  • After login

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