Configuring eslint in vscode

Install Nodejs and then eslint

Use global installation:
npm install -g eslint
npm install -g eslint-plugin-html

After installation, we use the "eslint --init" command to generate a configuration file in the user directory (or anywhere you like): ". eslintrc.js“
After executing the command, we can select the corresponding code style or customize it. Here I use the public - > standard - > JSON style rules. For the customized rules, refer to:

        "plugins": [
                // "react",
        "env": {
                "node": true,
                "jquery": true,
                "es6": true,
                "browser": true
        "globals": {
                "angular": false
        "parser": "babel-eslint",
        "rules": {
                //Official document
                //Parameters: 0 off, 1 warning, 2 error
                // "quotes": [0, "single"], / / single quotes are recommended
                // "No inner declarations": [0, "both"], / / declaring variables or functions inside {} blocks is not recommended
                "no-extra-boolean-cast": 1, //Redundant exclamation point to Boolean
                "no-extra-semi": 1, //Extra semicolons
                "no-extra-parens": 0, //Extra brackets
                "no-empty": 1, //Empty code block

                //Undefined before use
                "no-use-before-define": [

                "complexity": [0, 10], //Cycle complexity greater than*
                //Define the last extra comma of an array or object
                "comma-dangle": [
                // It is not allowed to assign values to global variables, such as window ='abc '
                "no-global-assign": ["error", {
                        // Define exceptions
                        // "exceptions": ["Object"]
                "no-var": 0, //Replace var with let or const
                "no-const-assign": 2, //const reassignment not allowed
                "no-class-assign": 2, //class reassignment is not allowed
                "no-debugger": 1, //debugger debugging code not removed
                "no-console": 0, //console not deleted
                "no-constant-condition": 2, //Constant as condition
                "no-dupe-args": 2, //Duplicate parameter
                "no-dupe-keys": 2, //Duplicate object properties
                "no-duplicate-case": 2, //case repetition
                "no-empty-character-class": 2, //Regular cannot match any value
                "no-invalid-regexp": 2, //Invalid regular
                "no-func-assign": 2, //Function assigned
                "valid-typeof": 1, //Invalid type judgment
                "no-unreachable": 2, //Impossible code
                "no-unexpected-multiline": 2, //A lack of semicolons at the end of a line can cause some surprises
                "no-sparse-arrays": 1, //Comma in array
                "no-shadow-restricted-names": 2, //Keywords and naming conflict
                "no-undef": 1, //Variable not defined
                "no-unused-vars": 1, //Not used after variable definition
                "no-cond-assign": 2, //Prohibit assignment operation in conditional statement
                "no-native-reassign": 2, //Do not overwrite native objects
                "no-mixed-spaces-and-tabs": 0,

                //Code style optimization--------------------------------------
                "no-irregular-whitespace": 0,
                "no-else-return": 0, //return, else is redundant in else code block
                "no-multi-spaces": 0, //Multiple spaces are not allowed

                //Suggested writing method of object direct quantity: no space before the next space
                "key-spacing": [
                                "beforeColon": false,
                                "afterColon": true

                "block-scoped-var": 1, //Variables should be declared in an external context, not in {} code blocks
                "consistent-return": 1, //Function return value may be of different types
                "accessor-pairs": 1, //object getter/setter methods need to appear in pairs

                //The newline call object method point operator should be written at the beginning of the line
                "dot-location": [
                "no-lone-blocks": 1, //Extra {} nesting
                "no-labels": 1, //Useless mark
                "no-extend-native": 1, //Disable extending native objects
                "no-floating-decimal": 1, //Floating point type needs write all forbidden. 1 or 2. Write method
                "no-loop-func": 1, //Prohibit defining functions in the body of a loop
                "no-new-func": 1, //Prohibit new Function(...) writing
                "no-self-compare": 1, //Do not allow comparison with yourself as a condition
                "no-sequences": 1, //Suppress comma operators that may cause ambiguous results
                "no-throw-literal": 1, //It is forbidden to throw a direct quantity that should be an Error object

                //Assign when return is not allowed
                "no-return-assign": [

                //Duplicate declaration not allowed
                "no-redeclare": [
                                "builtinGlobals": true

                //Expression not executed
                "no-unused-expressions": [
                                "allowShortCircuit": true,
                                "allowTernary": true
                "no-useless-call": 1, //Meaningless function call or apply
                "no-useless-concat": 1, //Meaningless string concat
                "no-void": 1, //Disable void
                "no-with": 1, //Disable with
                "space-infix-ops": 0, //Space before and after operator

                "valid-jsdoc": [
                                "requireParamDescription": true,
                                "requireReturnDescription": true

                //Mark unwritten comments
                "no-warning-comments": [
                                "terms": [
                                        "any other term"
                                "location": "anywhere"
                "curly": 0 //if, else, while, for code blocks are surrounded by {}

The "package.json" file of the project needs to be set in the project to configure ESLint. If not, you can use "npm init" to set it.

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Posted on Tue, 05 May 2020 10:25:15 -0400 by TimUSA