Docker_dockerfile nginx and tomcat

1, Classification of images
1. Three elements of docker
1) , Docker Image is a read-only template. An Image can be used to create Docker containers. One Image can create many containers.
2) , Container
1.Docker uses a Container to run one or a group of applications independently
2. The container uses the running instance created by the image
3. Containers can be started, started, stopped and deleted. Each container is isolated from each other to ensure the safety of the platform.
4. The container can be regarded as a simple Linux environment (including root user permission, process space, user space and network space) and applications running in it.
5. The definition of container is almost the same as that of image. It is also a unified perspective of a pile of layers. The only difference is that the top layer of container is readable and writable.
3) , Repository
1. A Repository is a place for centralized storage of image files.
2. There is a difference between a Repository and a warehouse registration server. The warehouse registration server often stores multiple warehouses. Each warehouse contains multiple images, and each image has a different tag.
3. The warehouse is divided into Public warehouse and Private warehouse.
4. The largest open warehouse is Docker Hub( ), a large number of images are stored for users to download.
5. Domestic public warehouses include Alibaba cloud, Netease cloud, etc.
2, dockerfile layering principle
base image
The base image has two meanings: it does not depend on other images, and can be expanded by building other images from scratch. Therefore, the base image is generally the Docker image of various Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Debian or CentOS.
The base image provides the minimum installed Linux distribution.

3, Build Nginx
1. Build image

[root@docker ~]# mkdir nginx
[root@docker ~]# vim nginx/Dockerfile
#Basic image (centos needs lowercase)
FROM centos:7
#User information
 Add environment package
RUN yum  -y update
RUN yum install -y pcre-devel zlib-devel gcc gcc-c++ make
RUN useradd -M -s /sbin/nologin nginx
#Unzip nginx package
ADD nginx-1.12.2.tar.gz /usr/local/src
#Specify the working directory (equivalent to cd)
WORKDIR /usr/local/src
WORkDIR nginx-1.12.2
RUN ./configure \
--prefix=/usr/local/nginx \
--user=nginx \
--group=nginx \
--with-http_stub_status_module && make && make install
ENV PATH /usr/local/nginx/sbin:$PATH
#Specify the httpd port
RUN echo "daemon off;" >> /usr/local/nginx/conf/nginx.conf
CMD nginx

2. Upload nginx package

[root@docker ~]# cd nginx
[root@docker nginx]# ls
[root@docker nginx]# rz -E

[root@docker nginx]# ls
Dockerfile  nginx-1.12.2.tar.gz

3. Build image

docker build -f Dockerfile -t nginx:new .
 docker run -d -P nginx:new  #Run mirror
[root@docker nginx]#  docker run -d -P nginx:new 
[root@docker nginx]# docker ps -a
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE         COMMAND              CREATED          STATUS                      PORTS                                     NAMES
f18a5ddda8c0   nginx:new     "/bin/sh -c nginx"   32 seconds ago   Up 32 seconds     >80/tcp, :::49153->80/tcp   sweet_aryabhata
a3a1d2b372b8   hello-world   "/hello"             29 minutes ago   Exited (0) 29 minutes ago                                             priceless_colden

4, Tomcat construction
1. Build image

FROM centos:7
MAINTAINER build image tomcat <tang>
ADD jdk-8u91-linux-x64.tar.gz /usr/local/src
WORKDIR /usr/local/src
ENV JAVA_HOME /usr/local/src/jdk1.8.0_91
ENV CLASSPATH $JAVA_HOME/lib/tools.jar:$JAVA_HOME/lib/dt.jar
ADD apache-tomcat-9.0.16.tar.gz /usr/local/src
RUN mv apache-tomcat-9.0.16/ /usr/local/tomcat9 &> /dev/null
ENV PATH /usr/local/tomcat9/bin/:$PATH
ADD /usr/local/src
RUN chmod 755 /usr/local/src/ &> /dev/null
CMD ["/usr/local/src/"]

/usr/local/tomcat9/bin/ run

2. Generate image

[root@docker Tomcat]#  docker build -t tomcat:test .
[root@docker Tomcat]# docker images |grep tomcat
tomcat        test      b6fcee8f8fb0   About a minute ago   599MB

3. Create containers

[root@docker Tomcat]# docker run -d -P tomcat:test
[root@docker Tomcat]# docker ps -a |grep tomcat
49b92eee4f80   tomcat:test   "/usr/local/src/tomc..."   12 seconds ago      Up 11 seconds        >8080/tcp, :::49154->8080/tcp   blissful_saha

5, Tomcat image optimization based on dockerfile
1. Create a directory and write a Dockerfile file

vim Dockerfile 

FROM frolvlad/alpine-oraclejdk8  
ADD apache-tomcat-9.0.16.tar.gz /usr/local/
WORKDIR /usr/local/
RUN mv /usr/local/apache-tomcat-9.0.16 /usr/local/tomcat &>/dev/null
RUN ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Shanghai /etc/localtime \
&& sed -i "s#securerandom.source=file:/dev/random#securerandom.source=file:/dev/urandom#g" $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security/
ENTRYPOINT ["/usr/local/tomcat/bin/","run"]

2. Generate image

[root@docker Tomcat]# docker build -t tomcat:new .
[root@docker Tomcat]# docker images
REPOSITORY                   TAG       IMAGE ID       CREATED          SIZE
tomcat                       new       ca84190d524b   44 seconds ago   199MB
tomcat                       test      b6fcee8f8fb0   19 minutes ago   599MB
nginx                        new       2aefb78c6db3   46 minutes ago   681MB
hello-world                  latest    d1165f221234   6 months ago     13.3kB
centos                       7         8652b9f0cb4c   10 months ago    204MB
frolvlad/alpine-oraclejdk8   latest    7f2049911fa1   2 years ago      169MB

3. Create container

[root@docker Tomcat]# docker run -d -P tomcat:new
[root@docker Tomcat]# docker ps -a
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE         COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS                         PORTS                                         NAMES
fced2d2e61cd   tomcat:new    "/usr/local/tomcat/b..."   13 seconds ago      Up 11 seconds        >8080/tcp, :::49155->8080/tcp   happy_proskuriakova
49b92eee4f80   tomcat:test   "/usr/local/src/tomc..."   18 minutes ago      Up 18 minutes        >8080/tcp, :::49154->8080/tcp   blissful_saha
f18a5ddda8c0   nginx:new     "/bin/sh -c nginx"       53 minutes ago      Up 53 minutes        >80/tcp, :::49153->80/tcp       sweet_aryabhata
a3a1d2b372b8   hello-world   "/hello"                 About an hour ago   Exited (0) About an hour ago                                                 priceless_colden

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