Flutter 7 Summary, Open Source First

Here is a widget tree drawn while learning

Although it's half the way from the full version, it's enough to get started, and the basic things you often do are
When you are skilled with these controls, you will not be able to use other controls to see the attributes (it is recommended to see the original image for clarity).

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First day and insights:
Flutter The environment is built without taking too many detours and there are a lot of online tutorials.  
A new project has been created,Found that the code is a bit out of order, although I know Flutter Is a cross-platform framework,  
But where is the code written??There shouldn't be a single src Are you??Played before libgdx,Think it should be about  
Then search the whole text for the words on the interface and find them in lib Packaged main.dart in 
I want to be in lib Write code inside?Won't it be so wonderful??Then I looked at it with an object-oriented sky eye main.dart
 As the first analysis shows, it's amazing.And grammar and Java,c++,Python,Js Not the same, 
Well, I'm going to learn dialects again, since JS Of Es6 After playing,I'm not afraid of language,
Kotlin Okay, Python Or, these characters"Unbound"Some and ES6 Eighty-nine and ten  
As long as the grammar is clear, then there will be a question of personal ability, so Dart Getting started is fast, and you'll master it in half a day
 To be proficient, you have to practice. 
[Overseas]: Share some moods---------------
I often think of programming as a sword, and I've been refining Java This sword, with Android This scabbard is full of  
Python Okay, C++Okay, Js Okay, I'm just having fun, and I treat them as halo pairs Java Sword for attachment
 Today Android I encountered three bottlenecks and chose to leave for a while Android,To expand your horizons,
Dead knock is no longer working. Remember that the second bottleneck is that you can't move forward because of the constraints of the network.
So the idea of setting up your own website came into being when you bite your teeth, pause Android, and go to the back-end for books and materials.  
Then, parallel front and back, supported by two halos, also online my personal website, both sides of the basic knowledge has been basically in mind. 
Due to the construction of personal website, I have some knowledge of the server, network requests and uploads and downloads also know what is going on.  
There are also channels for testing if a front-end or back-end is unknown Androider,Certainly Card Network Bottleneck
 The concept of data streaming has taken shape. In my eyes, the display of interfaces, uploads and downloads, everything on the network is a byte flow  
Then come back Android At that time, the front and back end are like a line through,Android The second bottleneck is over when interacting with the server successfully
 Has species"The feeling of the knight returning on the day when the sword was broken and recasted",Details, intend to write a final 2018 summary to record 
[External]: Deadline-------------
How to receive a new thing quickly(new knowledge)? Use your best technology to dock new knowledge,
For example, you are an astronomy fan. If you want to learn English, it would be better to read astronomical books.
Because you have this knowledge reserve, even if it is Chinese?Can the English earth emerge from the solar system??
Language and knowledge are two different things. Language does not change knowledge itself.
So knowledge docking, the interlacing of two languages, will make you accept the language itself more quickly, and will also enhance knowledge 
So instead of starting with controls, I'm based on what I'm most familiar with Canvas To draw, be familiar with Dart Grammar, otherwise later work is not good to carry out,
stay Android in Canvas I am very good at working with Flutter In Canvas Docking,The chess thinks it's good
 After docking, draw grid, coordinate system before, n The things of the star can be brought out again, old knowledge transformed into new knowledge
 adopt Java Code changed to Dart Code, also let me know the similarities and differences between the two more clearly, so that I can write them easily in the future 

On the whole, the first day was a lot of fun and relaxation.

The next day and insights:
The next day was a military expedition, which was meant to talk about the basic controls(Almost heard Flutter Super many controls) 
But after the first day of drawing, I really want to play animation, if I put it in the back, it feels disconnected  
However, I am not sure that I can write the animation well, after all, I have only been in touch with it for a day.Challenge and then play animation 

The next day was arguably my most successful of the seven days, with animation + particle movements all rewritten on Flutter
When the particle clock is finished, it's exciting, and then it takes away the score (xian) to bai, thinking, Flutter is still good
This was definitely Flutter's first particle clock (no one except me might be so bored with this special effect)

It looks like the next day's article was finished in one go, but actually it encountered some obstacles.
dart Time processing and three-dimensional arrays Java There are some inconsistencies, and there is also the particle movement of the clock.
Almost give up, because the effect always fails.I thought it would be nice to get a clock.
But I'm really upset. It's all here.Then output the number of ball collections, the position of the first ball,
The data is good, why can't it work... Finally, I found that the radius of the sphere is not set... Out is a ghost? 

Someone asked me if I had any ideas. They all know what I think, but it's not easy to do.
If you think a person studies well, you should observe him and make up for his weaknesses.
Everyone's circumstances are different. Other people's learning methods may not be suitable for you. You need not be the same as others.
For example, my university likes to write poems, read through famous books and keep thinking about the world, if you don't have these foundations,
My heart may not be right for you.Everyone's values are different too. I am the kind of person who tends to improve my own level.
Matter does not demand much.If you need it, pick your own chicken soup on the Internet.
Generally speaking, most of them are just deceiving themselves.Recently I saw eight words very real: "Life and death are light, do what you don't agree with."

> Overall, the next day was a fruitful one.

* * *

##### The third and fourth days and insights:

The third day of the basic control, it should feel dull, so I try to make it as interesting as possible
I like to draw a tree of the system because it looks clear and helps organize my thoughts
I like cards, originated from Game King. For many things, it's interesting to record them with cards

* * *

The third day the source code flipped a lot, basically going in to see the control properties, code testing
With Android and html+css layouts, that's basically the same thing
And Flutter's Flex layout doesn't match css's flex layout, so it's much easier to get started
When I met margin, I felt a little touched and wrote a little bit about my attitude towards seeing something new:

New things are often related to old things. It's best to learn new things quickly and find out how they relate to old things in your knowledge base.
How much you connect depends on how much content you have in your knowledge base. The more you connect, the quicker or better you will grasp the old things.

* * *

I thought I could finish the rest of the controls on the fourth day and write a few more small cases.
Flutter has so many layouts, plus a little bit of hulls, that it barely knots the controls (there's actually a lot left untouched)
The 29 overlap modes in Flutter were also frightening to me, so I'd like to take a look at this versatile approach to analysis.
On the third day my passion was burnt out. On the fourth day, there were three controls in one group, a total of six groups of 18, which was less fancy
Finally, the Flex layout is explained in more detail

* * *

These two days are not very difficult, just a little troublesome, drawing, matching card or something.
An estimated day of typing is enough, but that would be boring, not what I wanted.
At the end of the fourth day, there are still many controls not involved, but that's what it feels like.
Knowing a control can be just that routine, the attributes are basically those, and when you meet a new look, you will understand.
There's no need to list them all. That's the difference between "fish and fishing". Fish can't be caught, and you can't put them down either.

* * *

Two source codes turned over more frequently, with a little insight:

If you have a problem, go ahead and solve it. Even if you have ten new problems involved, you think of it as a stack of problems.
That's it, but that's what it feels like
Knowing a control can be just that routine, the attributes are basically those, and when you meet a new look, you will understand.
There's no need to list them all. That's the difference between "fish and fishing". Fish can't be caught, and you can't put them down either.

* * *

Two source codes turned over more frequently, with a little insight:

If you have a problem, go ahead and solve it. Even if you have ten new problems involved, you think of it as a stack of problems.

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