Java's new project learning online notes - day3(3)

2 new page 2.1 new page interface definition
1. Define response model

public class CmsPageResult extends ResponseResult { 
   CmsPage cmsPage;  
   public CmsPageResult(ResultCode resultCode,CmsPage cmsPage) {    
  this.cmsPage = cmsPage;   

2. Define add api add interface in api project:

@ApiOperation("Add page")
public CmsPageResult add(CmsPage cmsPage);

2.2 new page server development
2.2.1 page unique index
Create page name, site Id, and page web path as unique index 2.2.2 Dao in CMS page set
1. Add a page query method based on page name, site Id and page web path, which is used to verify whether the page exists

public interface CmsPageRepository extends MongoRepository<CmsPage,String> {
    //Query according to page name, site id and page access path   
  CmsPage findByPageNameAndSiteIdAndPageWebPath(String pageName,String siteId,String  pageWebPath);  
   . . 

2. Use the save method provided by CmsPageRepository. 2.2.3 Service

//Add page   
  public CmsPageResult add(CmsPage cmsPage){ //Verify that the page exists,
//Query according to page name, site Id, page web path       
           CmsPage cmsPage1 =
 cmsPage.getSiteId(), cmsPage.getPageWebPath());      
    cmsPage.setPageId(null);//Add page primary key automatically generated by spring data    ;       
      //Return result     
        CmsPageResult cmsPageResult = new CmsPageResult(CommonCode.SUCCESS,cmsPage);      
       return cmsPageResult;       
     return new CmsPageResult(CommonCode.FAIL,null); 

2.2.4 Controller

//Add page  
  public CmsPageResult add(@RequestBody CmsPage cmsPage) { 
      return pageService.add(cmsPage);  

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