Python 10 minutes to create your own personal logo


I believe you are no stranger to the use of word cloud. It's easy to use. Just call wordcloud package directly. Its main function is to generate pictures according to the text vocabulary and vocabulary frequency, from which we can directly see the proportion of each vocabulary. Recently, I just wanted to make a person's logo, so I decided to use word cloud to make it.

Basic environment configuration

  • Version: Python 3.6
  • System: Windows
  • Related modules: wordcloud, PIL, numpy
  • Module installation: pip install wordcloud, PIP install pilot, pip install numpy

You will definitely encounter a pit when using pip to install. During the installation process, an error may be reported, prompting you to install Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0, but this installation process is time-consuming.

You can go to Baidu online to download this environment

We will start to make our pictures as soon as the installation is successful.

 1 from os import path
 2 from PIL import Image
 3 import numpy as np
 4 import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
 6 from wordcloud import WordCloud, STOPWORDS, ImageColorGenerator
 8 '''
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10 '''
12 d = path.dirname(__file__)
14 # Read text file
15 text = open(path.join(d, 'data.txt')).read()
17 # Read custom picture
18 alice_coloring = np.array(, "pic.jpg")))
20 # You can go through mask Parameter to set word cloud shape
21 wc = WordCloud(background_color="white",max_words=2000, 
22                 mask=alice_coloring, max_font_size=60,random_state=102,scale=8,
23                 font_path="C:\Windows\Fonts\msyhbd.ttf").generate(text)
25 wc.generate_from_text(text)
26 print('Start loading text')
27 # Change font color
28 img_colors = ImageColorGenerator(alice_coloring)
29 # Font color is the color of the background picture
30 wc.recolor(color_func=img_colors)
31 # Show word cloud
32 plt.imshow(wc, interpolation="bilinear")
33 # Whether to display x Shaft, y Axis subscript
34 plt.axis('off')
36 # Get the path of the module
37 d = path.dirname(__file__)
38 # Return after combining multiple paths
39 wc.to_file(path.join(d, "h16.jpg"))
40 print('Successfully generated word cloud!')


Configuring the parameters of wordcloud is particularly important for image effect. Let's focus on the meaning of the parameters of wordcloud:


Effect display


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