Python 3 basic environment configuration

About python

Python origins

  • Gudido van Rossum started Python at the end of 1989
  • In early 1991, Python released its first public release.
  • In order to better complete a research project of CWI (National Institute of mathematics and Computer Science) in the Netherlands.

python version

  • python2.x
    • The default installed version of all systems at present
  • python3.x
    • Issued on February 13, 2009
    • Great adjustment in grammar and function
    • The development trend of python

Python features

  • Advanced: have advanced data structure, shorten development time and code amount
  • Object oriented: add new vitality to structured and procedural programming that separates data from logic
  • Upgradeable: provides basic development module, on which software can be developed to realize code reuse
  • Scalable: organize and manage it by separating it into multiple files or modules
  • Portability: Python is written in C language, and because of the portability of C language, python can run on any platform with ANSI C editor
  • Easy to learn: Python has few keywords, simple structure and clear language
  • Easy to read: no other language is commonly used to access variables. Define code blocks and imperative symbols for pattern matching
  • Memory manager: memory management is the responsibility of the Python interpreter

CentOS 7.5 Python environment installation

Required packages
zzg_pypkgs.tar.gz Extraction code: kemx
pycharm-professional-2017.3.tar.gz Extraction code: 6ter
crack.tar.gz (included in pycharm)

Install python3

  • Get Python 3 source code
  • Official Site Or download zzg with the link provided_ pypkgs.tar.gz package
  • Choose the right system
  • Choose the right version
# Install python3
[root@python ~]# tar xf zzg_pypkgs.tar.gz 
[root@python ~]# cd zzg_pypkgs/python3_pkg/ 
[root@python python3_pkg]# ls Python-3.6.7.tgz README 
[root@python ~]# cat README ##View script 
#yum install -y sqlite-devel tk-devel tcl-devel readline-devel zlib-devel gcc gcc-c++ openssl-devel libffi-devel 
#tar xzf Python-3.6.7.tgz 
#cd Python-3.6.7 
#./configure --prefix=/usr/local/ 
#make && make install 
[root@python python3_pkg]# bash README ##Execute script 
Successfully installed pip-10.0.1 setuptools-39.0.1

Installing pycharms

  • pycharm is a Python IDE created by JetBrains

The supported functions are:

  • Debugging, syntax highlighting
  • project management, code jump
  • Intelligent prompt, automatic completion
  • Unit test, version control
  • Download address is divided into professional version and free community version
# Required dependency package for pycharm installation
[root@python ~]# rpm -aq | grep java
java-1.8.0-openjdk- ##This must be the tzdata-java-2018c-1.el7.noarch to be installed 

# Pycharm-professional-2017.3 tar.gz Unzip to / root/bin 
[root@python ~]# mkdir bin
[root@python ~]# tar xf pycharm-professional-2017.3.tar.gz -C bin
[root@python ~]# ls bin/pycharm-2017.3/bin/ log.xml fsnotifier pycharm.vmoptions fsnotifier64 pycharm64.vmoptions fsnotifier-arm pycharm.png

Set PyChrm desktop shortcut icon

# Download main menu
[root@python ~]# yum -y install alacarte

# Browse's script path, and the path to the picture. That is, the path to the PyCharm package.

Install License server license server

1.Unpacking crack.tar.gz reach bin catalog 
[root@python ~]# tar xf crack.tar.gz -C /root/bin 
[root@python ~]# ls /root/bin/ crack_pycharm pycharm-2017.3 
//Execution procedure 
[root@python ~]# /root/bin/crack_pycharm & 
[1] 25134 
[root@python ~]# 2020/04/13 20:07:08
2020/04/13 20:07:08 ** IntelliJ IDEA License Server **
2020/04/13 20:07:08 ** by: ilanyu **
2020/04/13 20:07:08 ** **
2020/04/13 20:07:08 ** Alipay donation: **
2020/04/13 20:07:08 ** Please support genuine!!! **
2020/04/13 20:07:08 ** listen on **
2020/04/13 20:07:08 ** You can use as license server **
2020/04/13 20:07:08 
  • Click on PyCharm Icon
  • Click ACCEPT
  • Then it will ask you whether you need to purchase a license or choose one. Click to select License server to use the License server, which is running in the background
    crack_ Fill in pycharm, license server address click Activate to Activate
  • There are three interface styles. After selecting one, click next Next:Launcher Script
  • Click Next directly Next:Featured plugins
  • Here it allows you to choose to install some additional plug-ins, such as bashsupport (which can support shell scripts) and click it
    To download and install on the Internet, click skip remaining and set defaults
    You can support shell scripts without downloading the BashSupport plug-in pycharm
  • When you enter this interface, you will be asked, do you want to create a new project or open it? What is a project? The project is when we write a program
    Create a project is to create a project folder. Click to create a new project
  • Location: the default storage path of the project folder. You can choose the default or individual name. If it is written here, the directory will be created automatically
  • Click Project Interpreter: Existing interpreter. There are two choices. One is New environment using
    The existing interpreter is selected, which means that we have installed Python 2 and python 3 on our machine, so do you use Python 2 or Python 3 to write programs?
  • Just click on the pinion to select add local, and select the interpreter of Python 3
  • In the Interpreter of VIrtual Environment, select the path / usr/local/bin/python3, click OK, then Make available to all projects, then OK, and finally create, so the initialization is completed

  • Enter the interface, check show tips on startup and click Close. Tip of the Day

Write a python script

  • Right click the blank space of the untitled column, select new, select Python fill, create a python text, Name name is optional, and click OK to create it.

  • Content output hello
  • Change PyCharm font size
  • Font size according to your own situation
  • You can also turn on the shortcut key to adjust the font size, ctrl + mouse wheel

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