AP Fact Check

Infighting and online hoaxes mar Democrats’ campaign

RINDGE, N.H. (AP) — A group of Los Angeles artists were awaiting the results of the Democratic Party’s Iowa caucuses, ho...
21:03 20 February 2022

AP FACT CHECK: Dems skew health care, Iraq facts in debate

WASHINGTON — Democratic presidential contenders stretched beyond the facts on policy and sometimes on their own records Friday in their New Hampshire ...
3:54 8 February 2022

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s exaggerated ‘great American comeback’

WASHINGTON — The "great American comeback” President Donald Trump claimed in his State of the Union speech drew on falsehoods about U.S. energy suprem...
4:54 5 February 2022

Online conspiracy theories flourish after Iowa caucus fiasco

CHICAGO — Monday night could not have gone better for online troublemakers who have spent years propagating false or misleading conspiracy theories on...
23:40 4 February 2022

AP FACT CHECK: Distortions in Trump’s case for acquittal

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump's impeachment defense appears to have cleared the bar as far as his fellow Republicans are concerned. But its adhe...
5:35 3 February 2022

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s false assurance about troops in Iraq

WASHINGTON — At first, President Donald Trump stated inaccurately that no U.S. troops were injured in the Iranian missile attack against them in Iraq....
20:33 24 January 2022

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s false account of Ukraine episode

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump gave a false account Wednesday of some of the circumstances that got him impeached.
18:04 22 January 2022

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s Davos remarks rife with distortion

WASHINGTON — On a rarefied world stage in the Swiss Alps, President Donald Trump cited accomplishments on clean air that aren't real, a level of econo...
21:41 21 January 2022

AP FACT CHECK: Trump minimizes IS risk, distorts Iran payout

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump wrongly dismissed the continuing threat of the Islamic State group and spread a false tale of the U.S. paying out ...
18:22 8 January 2022

AP FACT CHECK: Trump stretches in assailing witnesses

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused witnesses at the House impeachment hearings of spreading word-of-mouth information about matter...
21:09 19 November 2021