Adam Schiff

Trump says without evidence Dems leak intel to hurt Sanders

NEW DELHI (AP) — President Donald Trump suggested on Tuesday that Democrats who don’t want Bernie Sanders to win their p...
14:56 25 February 2022

GOP senators upset by Schiff remark, Dems claim ‘diversion’

WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans said lead impeachment prosecutor Adam Schiff insulted them during the trial by repeating an anonymously sourced report...
18:11 25 January 2022

Democrats speak to history with exhaustive impeachment case

WASHINGTON — At times it seemed like few senators in the chamber were really listening. But the House Democrats presenting the impeachment case agains...
5:38 25 January 2022

GOP shows little desire for witnesses ahead of critical vote

WASHINGTON — Republicans in the Senate appear unmoved by the Democratic push for witnesses in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial despite persi...
5:33 25 January 2022

Schiff sets tone of impeachment case, says ‘right matters’

WASHINGTON — For a few gripping minutes, Rep. Adam Schiff, the lead impeachment prosecutor against President Donald Trump, had made the restless Senat...
19:40 24 January 2022

Trial highlights: Democrats roll out case as senators fidget

WASHINGTON — House prosecutors faced fidgeting senators as they rolled out their case against President Donald Trump on Wednesday, the trial's previou...
5:16 23 January 2022

Schiff takes conciliatory tone after Roberts’ admonishment

WASHINGTON — Rep. Adam Schiff, the lead impeachment manager, took a conciliatory tone at President Donald Trump’s Senate trial on Wednesday after Chie...
21:30 22 January 2022

Awake? Senators struggle to stay focused on impeachment

WASHINGTON — Adam Schiff was still speaking — about witnesses, documents, future presidents and the impeachment of President Donald Trump. He'd said i...
11:36 22 January 2022

Democratic impeachment managers will need some GOP help

WASHINGTON — The managers chosen to prosecute the impeachment case against President Donald Trump will make their case to all 100 senators. But to get...
0:07 16 January 2022

Who are the House’s 7 impeachment prosecutors?

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has chosen seven lawmakers to prosecute the House's case that President Donald Trump abused his office and obs...
18:32 15 January 2022

Trump boasts Iranian general’s death was ‘American justice’

TOLEDO, Ohio — President Donald Trump used his first campaign election rally of 2020 to argue that he served up “American justice" by ordering a drone...
1:53 10 January 2022

Congress pushes ahead on Trump impeachment with nation split

WASHINGTON — The House is plunging into a landmark impeachment week, with Democrats who once hoped to sway Republicans now facing the prospect of an e...
23:03 2 December 2021

House committee’s report on impeachment could land next week

WASHINGTON — The witnesses have spoken, the politics are largely settled. Now impeachment investigators will make the case for public opinion.
11:19 26 November 2021

Schiff says more hearings, witnesses possible

WASHINGTON — Democratic House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said Sunday he won’t foreclose the possibility of his committee undertaking ...
15:57 24 November 2021

Impeachment inquiry crossroads: Keep going or time to vote?

WASHINGTON — They’ve heard enough. With stunning testimony largely complete, the House, the Senate and the president are swiftly moving on to next ste...
1:05 23 November 2021

The Latest: Impeachment hearings wrap up for the week

WASHINGTON — The Latest on the House impeachment hearings into President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine (all times local):
21:43 21 November 2021

Maloney chosen as first woman to lead House Oversight panel

WASHINGTON — Veteran New York Rep. Carolyn Maloney was elected Wednesday lead the powerful House Oversight and Reform Committee, the first woman to ho...
23:12 20 November 2021

Ousted ambassador says she felt intimidated by Trump attacks

WASHINGTON — In chilling detail, ousted U.S. Ambassador to the Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch described to Trump impeachment investigators Friday how she f...
5:45 16 November 2021

House mostly behaves during TV debut of impeachment hearings

WASHINGTON — Congress behaved itself as Americans and the world tuned in for the first time to the impeachment hearings against President Donald Trump...
0:33 14 November 2021

Diplomats accuse Trump as impeachment hits Americans’ TVs

WASHINGTON — For the first time, the Democrats’ case for President Donald Trump’s impeachment streamed from Americans’ TVs Wednesday, including a new ...
23:54 13 November 2021

Trump impeachment hearing spurs shadow spin war

WASHINGTON — The online spin began even before Wednesday’s impeachment hearing got underway.
22:29 13 November 2021

‘Sad day’ or ‘scam’? What to watch at impeachment hearing

WASHINGTON — A "solemn day" or a "showtrial"?
13:16 13 November 2021

‘Sad day’ or a ‘scam’? What to watch at impeachment hearing

WASHINGTON — House Democrats are giving President Donald Trump a reality show for the ages as they take their case public for his impeachment.
0:54 13 November 2021

Battle-tested attorneys to face off in impeachment inquiry

WASHINGTON — The public impeachment inquiry hearings set to begin Wednesday will pit a Democratic attorney who built his reputation as a federal mob a...
23:32 12 November 2021

Whistleblower disputes boil over in impeachment interview

WASHINGTON — Transcripts released Friday in the impeachment inquiry show Republicans and Democrats repeatedly skirmishing over GOP questions that appe...
23:23 8 November 2021

White House adding aides to deal with impeachment inquiry

WASHINGTON — The White House is beefing up its communications staff as it tries to grapple with the ongoing House impeachment investigation.
20:40 6 November 2021

Democrats prepare for open hearings, seek Bolton testimony

WASHINGTON — For only the fourth time in U.S. history, the House of Representatives has started a presidential impeachment inquiry . House committees ...
11:32 4 November 2021

Lawyer: Whistleblower willing to take written GOP questions

WASHINGTON — A lawyer for the whistleblower who raised alarms about President Donald Trump's dealings with Ukraine said Sunday his client is willing t...
19:15 3 November 2021