Census hiccups in Alaska may offer preview for rest of US

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — More than a month into the start of the 2020 census in rural Alaska, some workers going door to...
15:24 28 February 2022

Nome, Alaska sued by woman who says rape wasn’t investigated

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — A former police dispatcher in a small Alaska town filed a lawsuit Thursday, alleging her collea...
22:49 20 February 2022

In Alaska, rural living complicates access to Real ID

JUNEAU, Alaska — For many Americans, going to a state motor vehicle office can be a tedious time suck.
20:16 15 February 2022

Prepping straw bedding for dogs signals Iditarod is near

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Volunteers slung bales of hay onto a table Thursday, where they were swiftly stuffed inside blue plastic bags, twirled and shut wi...
9:38 14 February 2022

Trial highlights: After drama, quick vote to block witnesses

WASHINGTON — After a dramatic night and a day of expectation, the Senate voted in quick order Friday to block Democratic calls for new witnesses and d...
1:09 1 February 2022

Groups give notice they will sue to protect beluga whales

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Two environmental groups gave formal notice Friday that they will sue to protect endangered Alaska beluga whales from problems cau...
21:07 31 January 2022

Americans from China virus zone evaluated at military base

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Officials say the 201 Americans evacuated from the Chinese city at the center of the virus outbreak are undergoing three days of m...
19:57 29 January 2022

Alaska pot shops to be among 1st in US to allow consumption

JUNEAU, Alaska — Marijuana shops in Alaska will be among the first nationally where onsite use would be permitted.
4:52 24 January 2022

At 90, Alaska Native woman is 1st counted in US Census

TOKSOOK BAY, Alaska — Lizzie Chimiugak has lived for 90 years in the windswept western wilds of Alaska, born to a nomadic family who lived in mud home...
0:57 22 January 2022

AP Was There: Census 2000 gets warm welcome in snowy Alaska

America’s decennial census begins Tuesday in rural Alaska, as it has out of tradition and necessity since the U.S. bought the territory from Russia in...
21:47 21 January 2022

Researchers tie massive Pacific seabird die-off to heat wave

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Common murres look like skinny penguins but fly like F-15 fighter jets.
19:06 15 January 2022

A fire, an SOS, a rescue: Man spends weeks in remote Alaska

JUNEAU, Alaska — Tyson Steele watched his remote cabin go up in flames, mourned the death of his dog and then spent weeks in the Alaska wilderness, bu...
21:49 13 January 2022

Ex-Alaska governor Bill Walker chosen for Harvard fellowship

JUNEAU, Alaska — Bill Walker, who was one of the country's few politically unaffiliated governors, plans to discuss with students bridging the politic...
14:26 9 January 2022

Aleutian volcano spews up ash cloud in two strong bursts

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A volcano in Alaska's Aleutian Islands spewed ash into flight paths, prompting a warning to pilots by the National Weather Service...
0:19 8 January 2022

Survivor of boat disaster: ‘Sleeping to swimming’ in minutes

JUNEAU, Alaska — A survivor of a Alaska crab boat sinking that left five fellow fishermen missing said the crew went from “sleeping to swimming" in mi...
19:50 3 January 2022

5 crew members feared dead after Alaska fishing boat sinks

JUNEAU, Alaska — Five crew members missing after a crab fishing vessel sank in the frigid waters off Alaska were feared dead after authorities called ...
20:27 2 January 2022

GOP senator ‘disturbed’ by McConnell impeachment remark

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a Republican from Alaska, said she was disturbed to hear Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell say ther...
17:20 25 December 2021

Belated bill to help solve indigenous cold cases gains steam

FARGO, N.D. — A bill originally meant to help law enforcement investigate cold cases of murdered and missing indigenous women that has floundered in C...
23:00 29 November 2021

Alaska governor marks 1st year in office amid turmoil

JUNEAU, Alaska — Last December, poor weather scrambled Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s inaugural plans, a bumpy start to a turbulent year marked by budget...
15:15 29 November 2021

Agency agrees to designate habitat for threatened ice seals

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A federal agency will decide by September how much ocean and coast in northern Alaska will be designated as critical habitat for t...
1:15 26 November 2021

Failing ice cellars signal changes in Alaska whaling towns

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — For generations, people in Alaska’s far-north whaling villages have relied on hand-built ice cellars dug deep into the permafrost ...
14:22 25 November 2021

US agency to consider expanded drilling in Alaska reserve

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The Trump administration will consider a new management plan and expanded oil drilling for the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska, ...
21:35 21 November 2021

Warm ocean water delays sea ice for Alaska towns, wildlife

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The U.S. research vessel Sikuliaq can break through ice as thick as 2.5 feet (0.76 meters). In the Chukchi Sea northwest of Alaska...
21:26 19 November 2021

Election official rejects effort to recall Alaska governor

JUNEAU, Alaska — A state election official has cut short a fight over whether Alaska Gov. Mike Dunleavy should be recalled from office, saying Monday ...
0:15 5 November 2021

Trump defends Alaska governor amid recall push to oust him

JUNEAU, Alaska — President Donald Trump on Wednesday voiced his opposition to a push in Alaska aimed at recalling Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy, with ...
20:05 30 October 2021

Critics gear up for response to lease sale in Arctic refuge

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Opponents of oil drilling in America's largest wildlife refuge have a message for oil drillers and the people who finance them: Do...
16:06 26 October 2021