Iraq’s PM-designate withdraws from post, prolonging deadlock

Baghdad (AP) — Iraq’s prime minister-designate announced his withdrawal from the post Sunday night after failing to secu...
22:16 1 March 2022

Iran: US killing of general was a miscalculation

MUNICH — The U.S. killing of a top Iranian general was a miscalculation that has had the effect of bolstering support in Iraq for the removal of Ameri...
19:01 14 February 2022

Iraqi officials: US will grant vital Iran sanctions waiver

BAGHDAD — The United States has signaled to Iraq its willingness to extend sanctions waivers enabling the country to continue importing vital Iranian ...
5:46 10 February 2022

Not a break, but fissures in US-Iraqi military alliance

BAGHDAD — A new watchtower rose over an American military base in northern Iraq, and cranes lifted hefty slabs of concrete to reinforce the barricades...
7:42 6 February 2022

Iraqi officials: At least 8 shot dead in southern Iraq

BAGHDAD — At least eight anti-government protesters were shot dead and 52 were wounded in clashes with followers of a radical Shiite cleric in souther...
21:09 5 February 2022

Iraqi officials say Baghdad wants to minimize reliance on US

BAGHDAD — The Iraqi government has told its military not to seek assistance from the U.S.-led coalition in operations against the Islamic State group,...
18:41 5 February 2022

US general slips into Iraq for talks to salvage relations

ABOARD A U.S. MILITARY AIRCRAFT — The top U.S. commander for the Middle East slipped quietly into Iraq Tuesday, as the Trump administration works to s...
16:04 4 February 2022

Iraqi protesters reject PM-designate picked by ruling elites

BAGHDAD — Anti-government demonstrators on Sunday rejected Iraq’s new prime minister-designate following his nomination by rival government factions, ...
17:56 2 February 2022

Iraq says joint operations with US-led coalition resume

BAGHDAD — Joint military operations with the U.S.-led coalition to counter the Islamic State group have resumed after a nearly three-week pause, an Ir...
19:18 30 January 2022

Pentagon seeking Iraqi permission to deploy missile defenses

WASHINGTON — The United States has asked Iraq for permission to put Patriot missile systems at bases hosting U.S. troops to improve defenses against a...
17:20 30 January 2022

Nighttime rocket attack on US Embassy in Baghdad injured 1

BAGHDAD — A nighttime rocket attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad injured at least one embassy personnel member, staffers there said Monday.
9:45 27 January 2022

Iraqi protesters defy top cleric and return to the streets

BAGHDAD — Hundreds of anti-government protesters flooded the streets of Iraq's capital and southern provinces on Sunday, defying a powerful Iraqi reli...
14:04 26 January 2022

4 dead, tents ablaze after Iraq cleric pulls protest support

BAGHDAD — Iraq cracked down on anti-government protesters who have been occupying key public squares for months, leaving four demonstrators dead Satur...
20:00 25 January 2022

Outgoing Iraq PM says US troop ouster up to next government

BAGHDAD — Iraq's outgoing prime minister said Wednesday it was up to the next government to see through parliament's decision to oust U.S. troops.
0:22 16 January 2022

Iraqis worry US-Iran tensions are eclipsing their protests

BAGHDAD — Young Iraqis who drove mass protests demanding sweeping political reforms are worried that the conflict between the U.S. and Iran, which is ...
6:11 14 January 2022

On streets of Tehran, relief for now at no wider conflict

TEHRAN, Iran — Iranian newspapers proclaimed the country's attack on U.S. forces in Iraq to be "a dark night for Americans," and Washington's "first a...
6:08 10 January 2022

Iraq is caught in the middle as Iran and U.S. trade blows

BAGHDAD — For months, Iraqis have watched with deepening anxiety as tensions between Iran-backed militias and U.S. forces soared, fearing their long-b...
20:36 9 January 2022

Commercial airlines reroute flights amid US-Iran tensions

NEW DELHI — Commercial airlines on Wednesday rerouted flights crossing the Middle East to avoid possible danger amid escalating tensions between the U...
12:19 8 January 2022

Iraq’s outgoing prime minister says US troops must leave

WASHINGTON — Iraq's outgoing prime minister said Tuesday that the United States has no alternative and must pull its troops out of the country, or els...
22:23 7 January 2022

Germany, NATO moving soldiers out of Iraq amid tensions

BERLIN — Germany moved 35 soldiers serving in Iraq to neighboring Jordan and Kuwait on Tuesday, while NATO said it was also shifting some of its troop...
16:42 7 January 2022

US won’t grant Iran foreign minister visa for UN visit

WASHINGTON — The U.S. won't issue Iran's foreign minister a visa to travel to the United Nations later this week, contending there was not enough time...
13:33 7 January 2022

‘Honest mistake’ sets off alarm about US troops in Iraq

WASHINGTON — For a few tense hours Monday, the United States appeared to have announced that American troops were pulling out of Baghdad after nearly ...
0:53 7 January 2022

Push to oust US troops from Iraq a risky undertaking

BAGHDAD — A push led by pro-Iran factions to oust U.S. troops from Iraq is gaining momentum, bolstered by a Parliament vote in favor of a bill calling...
19:36 6 January 2022

Throngs mourn, Iranian leader weeps for general slain by US

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran's supreme leader wept Monday over the casket of a top general killed in a U.S. airstrike in Baghdad, his prayers joining the wails...
18:08 6 January 2022

Asian countries brace to evacuate workers in Iraq, Iran

MANILA, Philippines — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the military to prepare to deploy its aircraft and ships “at any moment’s notice” t...
11:57 6 January 2022

Trump doubles down on striking cultural sites in Iran

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump on Sunday repeated his assertion that cultural sites would be fair game as military targets if Iran carries throug...
0:46 6 January 2022

Iraq vote, Hezbollah threat leveled at US troops in Mideast

BAGHDAD — The U.S. military presence in the Middle East was thrown into jeopardy Sunday, as Iraq's parliament voted to expel U.S. troops from their co...
22:50 5 January 2022

The Latest: Baghdad residents say 3 blasts hit Green Zone

BEIRUT — The latest on U.S.-Iran tensions (all times local):
20:05 5 January 2022

UK’s Johnson: Iranian general ‘threat to all our interests’

LONDON — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the Iranian general killed in a U.S. drone strike in Iraq was “a threat to all our interests” ...
19:16 5 January 2022