Finally let off cruise, passengers desperate for flight home

BANGKOK (AP) — The cheers of celebration have faded. The waving of roses has ceased. Having finally reached a friendly p...
19:17 19 February 2022

Asian markets mixed: Japan skids; China helped by rate cut

BANGKOK — Markets were mixed in Asia on Monday, with Japan's benchmark slipping 0.8% after the government reported the economy contracted 6.3% in annu...
4:30 17 February 2022

Thai army chief: Gunman wasn’t treated fairly in land deal

BANGKOK — Thailand's army commander said Tuesday the soldier who killed 29 people in a shooting rampage had not been treated fairly in a land deal inv...
7:38 11 February 2022

Thai soldier’s deadly rampage reveals security lapses

NAKHON RATCHASIMA, Thailand — It's still unclear how a Thai soldier managed to steal heavy weapons from an army base which he then used to kill 29 peo...
16:34 10 February 2022

Thai city copes with sorrowful fallout from mass shooting

NAKHON RATCHASIMA, Thailand — Authorities in northeastern Thailand began releasing bodies to relatives Monday after security forces cornered and kille...
7:05 10 February 2022

Thai holiday over, Chinese visitors fly home to Wuhan

BANGKOK — The holiday was over for almost 80 Chinese visitors to Thailand.
13:01 31 January 2022

More airlines drop flights to China as virus spreads

BANGKOK — British Airways halted all flights to China and American Airlines suspended Los Angeles flights to and from Shanghai and Beijing as efforts ...
18:33 29 January 2022

Asian demand for face masks soars on fears of Chinese virus

TOKYO — Panic and pollution drive the market for protective face masks, so business is booming in Asia, where fear of the virus from China is strainin...
9:31 28 January 2022

Thai court acquits opposition party of sedition charge

BANGKOK — Thailand's Constitutional Court on Tuesday acquitted the country's third-biggest political party of seeking the overthrow of the constitutio...
7:13 21 January 2022

China-US trade deal a blip in seismic shifts of Asian trade

BANGKOK — The trade agreement signed by President Donald Trump and Beijing's lead trade envoy comes amid seismic shifts in supply chains and investmen...
11:54 16 January 2022

Thailand reports case of coronavirus from China

BANGKOK — A Chinese visitor to Thailand has been confirmed to be infected with a new strain of coronavirus that has been linked to a pneumonia outbrea...
16:22 13 January 2022

Supporters of embattled Thai opposition party hold big rally

BANGKOK — Several thousand supporters of a popular opposition party in Thailand that is under threat of dissolution rallied Saturday in the nation's c...
1:13 15 December 2021

Pope urges Thais young and old to practice faith with joy

BANGKOK — Pope Francis ministered to Thailand’s tiny Catholic community Friday, urging Thais young and old to practice their faith with joy and with “...
12:22 22 November 2021

Pope in Thailand calls for action to protect women, children

BANGKOK — Pope Francis called Thursday for women and children to be protected from exploitation, abuse and enslavement as he began a busy two days of ...
9:59 21 November 2021

Pope arrives in Thailand to encourage Catholic minority

BANGKOK — Pope Francis arrived in Bangkok on Wednesday to begin a tour of Thailand and Japan, beginning a mission to boost the morale of those countri...
6:43 20 November 2021

5 things to know about Pope Francis’ visit to Thailand

BANGKOK — Pope Francis arrives in Thailand on Wednesday for the first visit here by the head of the Roman Catholic Church since St. John Paul II in 19...
0:28 20 November 2021

China urges US to “stop flexing muscles” in South China Sea

BANGKOK — China has urged the U.S. military to “stop flexing muscles” in the disputed South China Sea.
3:14 18 November 2021

Bespoke silk robes await Pope Francis on Thailand visit

BANGKOK — Thailand's capital boasts garment makers ranging from bespoke tailors to sweatshops, but for a truly divine frock, you have to look a little...
5:13 12 November 2021

Stocks mixed as uncertainty reigns in US-China trade talks

BANGKOK — Shares were mixed in Asia on Tuesday as investors awaited cues on trade talks between China and the U.S.
4:39 12 November 2021

US woos Asia with plan to rival China’s ‘Belt and Road’

BANGKOK — Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said Tuesday the U.S. will invest and trade more in Asia as it rolls out an American plan to support "sustain...
11:31 5 November 2021

Trump absent, ASEAN charts path for trade bloc led by China

NONTHABURI, Thailand — Leaders from fast-growing Southeast Asian economies, China, Japan and other regional powers are meeting in Bangkok for an annua...
3:43 3 November 2021

ASEAN meeting grapples with trade war, territorial disputes

NONTHABURI, Thailand — Malaysia's prime minister has urged leaders in Southeast Asia to use the sway of their shared market of 650 million people and ...
6:05 2 November 2021

ASEAN meet spotlights advances in trade, sea pact, and rifts

NONTHABURI, Thailand — Southeast Asian leaders are making last-minute efforts with wealthier neighbors led by China to conclude negotiations on one of...
4:27 1 November 2021

Thai entrepreneur pushing insects as the snack of the future

BANGKOK — They are sold in bags like salted peanuts, or tubes like stacked potato chips, but these crunchy morsels on the shelves of Thai convenience ...
4:19 31 October 2021

Trump skips ASEAN meet, sends security adviser O’Brien, Ross

BANGKOK — U.S. national security adviser Robert C. O'Brien and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross will represent President Donald Trump at two regional su...
12:09 30 October 2021

Global markets dip as week of earnings, reports heats up

BANGKOK — Shares in Europe turned lower on Tuesday after a mixed session in Asia, where Chinese benchmarks declined after Hong Kong's leader warned po...
12:02 29 October 2021

Asian shares mixed after S&P 500 hits all-time high

BANGKOK — Shares were mixed in Asia and Chinese benchmarks fell Tuesday after the S&P 500 index closed at an all-time high.
4:12 29 October 2021