Border patrols

Greyhound to stop allowing immigration checks on buses

SEATTLE (AP) — Greyhound, the nation’s largest bus company, said Friday it will stop allowing Border Patrol agents witho...
22:16 21 February 2022

US border agents to pursue migrants in ‘sanctuary’ cities

WASHINGTON — Federal agents who normally patrol the U.S. border will be deployed to “sanctuary” cities across the country that are hindering stepped u...
22:16 14 February 2022

Career Border Patrol official picked to lead agency

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration on Friday named a 27-year Border Patrol veteran who has forcefully advocated for the president's agenda to lead ...
18:42 24 January 2022

Judge hints he may rule for migrants in Border Patrol suit

TUCSON, Ariz. — A judge indicated Wednesday he may side with migrants in a lawsuit that alleges extreme overcrowding and inhumane conditions at some o...
20:46 22 January 2022

Gunman gets life term in `Fast and Furious’ border killing

TUCSON, Ariz. — A man convicted of shooting a U.S. Border Patrol agent nine years ago in a case that exposed a botched federal gun operation known as ...
18:18 8 January 2022

Report: Teen who died in US custody unresponsive for hours

HOUSTON — Video showing the U.S. Border Patrol cell where a 16-year-old from Guatemala died of the flu shows the teen writhing and collapsing on the f...
19:47 5 December 2021

Report: US lacked technology to track separated families

PHOENIX — The U.S. government separated thousands of families despite knowing it lacked the technology to document and track their whereabouts, accord...
22:40 27 November 2021

Border activist says he’d never hide migrants from US agents

TUCSON, Ariz. — An Arizona border activist testified Tuesday that neutrality guides his humanitarian work with migrants in the desert, denying that he...
20:35 19 November 2021

Supreme Court weighs whether Mexican family can sue in US

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court's left-leaning justices on Tuesday appeared willing to allow a lawsuit filed by the parents of a Mexican teenager shot ...
19:19 12 November 2021

Immigration official says US-Mexico border crisis not over

WASHINGTON — A top U.S. Border Patrol official has a warning: The crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border is not over.
16:34 29 October 2021

US experiments in Texas with plan to speed asylum decisions

EL PASO, Texas — U.S. immigration authorities are testing a program to speed up reviews of asylum claims at a Texas Border Patrol station, offering a ...
2:31 29 October 2021