EU approves tough negotiating mandate for UK trade talks

BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union on Tuesday gave its chief negotiator Michel Barnier a robust negotiating mandate to g...
12:07 25 February 2022

Brexit pushes growing number of businesses to Netherlands

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — Ongoing uncertainty about the effects of Brexit is pushing an increasing number of foreign...
9:30 19 February 2022

UK unveils immigration overhaul for 2021 focused on skills

LONDON (AP) — Britain announced new post-Brexit immigration rules Tuesday that will make it tougher for European Union c...
22:36 18 February 2022

HSBC cuts headcount by 35,000 in deep overhaul

LONDON — HSBC will shed some 35,000 jobs as part of a deep overhaul to focus on faster-growing markets in Asia and as it tries to cope with a slew of ...
10:48 18 February 2022

With Britain out, the unwieldy EU faces major budget battle

BRUSSELS — The Brexit drama shook the foundations of the European Union for years and laid bare the need for much-delayed political renovations at the...
7:27 14 February 2022

France seeks lead post-Brexit role in EU nuclear strategy

PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday advocated a more coordinated European Union defense strategy in which France, the bloc's only post-...
20:20 7 February 2022

EU demands access to UK waters in order to sign trade deal

BRUSSELS — The European Union will link any access to its market for British products directly to the access that EU boats will be given to U.K. water...
9:50 3 February 2022

Britain to seek Canada-style free trade deal with EU

LONDON — Two days after Brexit, British officials pushed the European Union on Sunday for a Canada-style free trade arrangement as British Prime Minis...
13:51 2 February 2022

Brexit: Day 1 brings talk of EU unity with trade talks ahead

LONDON — If you thought the drawn-out battle over the U.K.'s departure from the European Union was painful, wait until you see what comes next.
18:14 1 February 2022

Media outlets push back against government’s Brexit video

LONDON — Some prominent British and international media organizations pushed back Friday against Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s handling of a prerecor...
0:36 1 February 2022

Britain leaves the European Union, leaps into the unknown

LONDON — So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu.
23:36 31 January 2022

The Latest: History arrives: UK leaves EU after 47 years

LONDON — The Latest on Britain's departure Friday night from the European Union:
23:30 31 January 2022

After Brexit: UK leaves EU but what’s next far from certain

LONDON — Britain is leaving the European Union after 47 years of membership. That's just the first stage of a journey that still has many twists in st...
17:19 31 January 2022

Let’s move on: EU wants to keep big role after Brexit

BRUSSELS — As the United Kingdom prepared to bring to an end its 47-year EU membership, the bloc's top officials on Friday pledged to continue playing...
10:33 31 January 2022

AP Exclusive: History-making tunnelers look beyond Brexit

DOVER, England — One tunneling from France, the other digging from Britain, the two men smashed with pummeling jackhammers through the last slivers of...
9:49 31 January 2022

UK rates held as Brexit clarity shores up economic surveys

LONDON — The Bank of England on Thursday opted against cutting interest rates amid signs of improvement in the British economy in the run-up to Britai...
15:56 30 January 2022

Brexit finally arrives Friday: A momentous yet quiet moment

BRUSSELS — Friday will mark a truly historic moment, but almost nothing will happen.
11:47 30 January 2022

AP PHOTOS: Irish border residents watch for Brexit fallout

BELFAST, Northern Ireland — The border was drawn in 1921, splitting communities and sometimes property, as the British government sought to create a h...
9:08 30 January 2022

The end is nigh: European Parliament to approve Brexit

BRUSSELS — The European Parliament on Wednesday is set to overwhelmingly approve the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union — the fin...
12:15 29 January 2022

Britain’s EU Journey: When Johnson gambled to deliver Brexit

LONDON — Britain officially leaves the European Union on Friday after a debilitating political period that has bitterly divided the nation since the 2...
10:16 29 January 2022

Experts say UK should lower salary threshold for immigrants

LONDON — A panel of immigration experts says Britain should lower the salary threshold for immigrants after Brexit and urged the government to quickly...
13:31 28 January 2022

‘Confused and angry’: Brexit unsettles EU citizens in the UK

LONDON — Anxious, angry, abandoned. Brexit elicits strong emotions, and as Britain’s departure from the European Union approaches, more than 3 million...
12:41 28 January 2022

Britain’s EU Journey: When Brexit chaos ensued

LONDON — Britain officially leaves the European Union on Friday after a debilitating political period that has bitterly divided the nation since the 2...
10:58 28 January 2022

Irish leader says EU to have stronger hand in UK trade talks

LONDON — Ireland’s prime minister warned Britain on Monday that Brexit is far from finished -- and the European Union will have the stronger hand in u...
18:21 27 January 2022

Ringing in Brexit? Plans to celebrate UK exit divide country

LONDON — With Brexit just days away, Britons are fighting over the chimes of Big Ben. And the White Cliffs of Dover are a battleground.
12:30 26 January 2022

Britain’s EU Journey: When the EU faced its biggest crisis

LONDON — Britain officially leaves the European Union on Jan. 31 after a debilitating political period that has bitterly divided the nation since the ...
10:23 26 January 2022

Top EU officials sign Brexit deal in closed door ceremony

BRUSSELS — The leaders of two of the European Union’s main institutions on Friday signed the divorce agreement governing Britain’s departure from the ...
18:01 24 January 2022

Next stop, Brexit: Britain’s EU divorce bill becomes law

LONDON — Britain’s delayed and disputed Brexit bill became law on Thursday, removing the last U.K. obstacle to the country leaving the European Union ...
15:47 23 January 2022

UK lawmakers remove child-migrants promise from Brexit bill

LONDON — British lawmakers have overturned changes to the government’s flagship Brexit bill made by Parliament’s House of Lords, removing a promise to...
16:47 22 January 2022

Britain’s EU Journey: When De Gaulle said ‘non’ twice

LONDON — Britain officially leaves the European Union on Jan. 31 after a debilitating political period that has bitterly divided the nation since the ...
16:55 21 January 2022