Gunman ambushes NYC police twice in 12 hours, spawns outrage

NEW YORK — A gunman was arrested after he ambushed police officers in the Bronx twice in 12 hours, authorities said, wounding two in attacks that brou...
1:56 10 February 2022

NYPD: Officer shot, wounded in ‘assassination attempt’

NEW YORK — Two New York City police officers narrowly escaped with their lives when a gunman fired into their patrol van Saturday night, wounding one ...
6:18 9 February 2022

NYPD’s new leader: Helping people is at heart of police work

NEW YORK — On the Bronx streets where New York City’s new police commissioner started as a patrolman in the crime-ravaged early 1990s, gunfire and bur...
13:53 12 January 2022

Blue-collar character actor Danny Aiello has died at age 86

NEW YORK — Danny Aiello, the blue-collar character actor whose long career playing tough guys included roles in “Fort Apache, the Bronx,” "Moonstruck"...
22:02 13 December 2021

In ride-hail boom, livery cabs feel squeezed and forgotten

NEW YORK — As a livery cab driver in the Bronx for more than a decade, Orlando Lantigua knows some of his customers well. If they don’t have money to ...
13:01 30 November 2021

Bronx steps in ‘Joker’ movie become a tourist attraction

NEW YORK — Move over, Rocky, there's a new stairway to climb.
22:20 28 October 2021