Mushrooms grow from beer waste in the cellars of Brussels

BRUSSELS (AP) — In Belgium, a country where beer is the culinary king, its brewing also creates magic for mushrooms. In ...
7:42 25 February 2022

EU health ministers boost preparations to fight new virus

BRUSSELS — European Union health ministers agreed Thursday to boost preparations and organize a coordinated response to prevent the virus that emerged...
13:38 13 February 2022

Let’s move on: EU wants to keep big role after Brexit

BRUSSELS — As the United Kingdom prepared to bring to an end its 47-year EU membership, the bloc's top officials on Friday pledged to continue playing...
10:33 31 January 2022

Brexit finally arrives Friday: A momentous yet quiet moment

BRUSSELS — Friday will mark a truly historic moment, but almost nothing will happen.
11:47 30 January 2022

Guaidó seeks EU sanctions for Venezuela, meeting with Trump

BRUSSELS — Venezuela’s opposition leader said Wednesday that he wants the European Union to broaden sanctions against members of the Venezuelan govern...
20:05 22 January 2022

EU to revamp anti-smuggler mission for UN Libya arms embargo

BRUSSELS — European Union countries have agreed to “refocus” the mission of the bloc’s anti-migrant smuggler naval operation in the Mediterranean Sea ...
16:47 20 January 2022

EU ministers support Iran deal, fear IS resurgence

BRUSSELS — European foreign affairs ministers reiterated their support for the nuclear deal brokered with Iran and expressed concerns Friday that the ...
16:55 10 January 2022

Leaders of Turkey, Russia urge Jan. 12 cease-fire in Libya

BRUSSELS — Turkey and Russia called for a Jan. 12 cease-fire in war-torn Libya on Wednesday while European Union officials intensified diplomatic effo...
17:52 8 January 2022

Climate change, Brexit divorce: EU faces challenges in 2020

BRUSSELS — December served up a warning of the massive challenges ahead for the European Union.
7:26 1 January 2022

Spain rocked by rulings that renew questions over Catalonia

BRUSSELS — Spain was thrown into turmoil on Thursday by court rulings that could undermine Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s hopes of forming a new gover...
9:29 19 December 2021

EU takes legal action against UK over commissioner dispute

BRUSSELS — The European Union is piling pressure on Britain and has launched legal action against the departing member of the 28-country bloc over its...
18:21 14 November 2021

Venezuela migrant help promised as region struggles to cope

BRUSSELS — Governments, aid agencies and charity groups vowed Tuesday to boost their efforts to help Venezuelans fleeing their crisis-wracked country,...
16:35 29 October 2021

EU envoys agree that Brexit extension is needed, no date set

LONDON — European Union ambassadors agreed Friday that the bloc should grant Britain's request for another extension to the Brexit deadline but have n...
11:29 25 October 2021