UK court blocks Heathrow expansion over climate concerns

LONDON (AP) — Campaigners won a court ruling Thursday to block the plan for a third runway at Heathrow Airport on enviro...
9:15 27 February 2022

Bloomberg’s influence stretches far and wide

When Mike Bloomberg held a rally this month at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, the signs of his wealth...
15:40 25 February 2022

GOP lawmakers walk out after Oregon climate bill advances

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Republican senators slipped out of the Oregon State Capitol on Monday, preventing the state Senate fr...
22:22 24 February 2022

Germany’s Hamburg city in elections marked by climate issues

BERLIN (AP) — Voters in Hamburg, Germany’s second-biggest city, go to the polls Sunday to pick a new regional assembly i...
8:41 23 February 2022

Backyard gardeners can act to help bee populations

Chemicals are routinely applied around residential landscapes to kill insect pests and troublesome weeds, but many are i...
16:36 18 February 2022

Jeff Bezos commits $10 billion to fight climate change

NEW YORK — Amazon founder Jeff Bezos said Monday that he plans to spend $10 billion of his own fortune to help fight climate change.
19:46 17 February 2022

Delta says it will invest $1 billion to cut carbon emissions

Delta Air Lines said Friday it will invest $1 billion over the next 10 years in measures designed to offset climate-warming carbon emissions from its ...
22:00 14 February 2022

Macron vows “fight of the century” against climate change

PARIS — France’s leader called the battle against climate change and environmental destruction “the fight of the century” Thursday after visiting a me...
15:19 13 February 2022

BP lays out long-term ambition to achieve net-zero emissions

LONDON — Energy producer BP said Wednesday it wants to eliminate or offset all carbon emissions from its operations and the oil and gas it sells to cu...
16:06 12 February 2022

AP VoteCast: NH Democrats angry, seek alternative to Trump

WASHINGTON — Democratic voters in Tuesday's New Hampshire primary were angry at President Donald Trump's administration and eager to pick the candidat...
22:12 11 February 2022

Amid uncertainty, French wine industry puts itself on show

PARIS — France's big wine industry, shaken by U.S. President Trump’s painful tariff hikes and the threat of climate change, is hoping to re-energize g...
11:34 11 February 2022

Factory farms provide abundant food, but environment suffers

AKRON, Iowa — In recent years, Fred Zenk built two barns housing about 2,400 hogs between them — long, white, concrete-and-metal structures that are u...
17:18 6 February 2022

Scientists dive into ‘Midnight Zone’ to study dark ocean

BARCELONA, Spain — A team of scientists is preparing to dive deep into the depths of the Indian Ocean — into a “Midnight Zone” where light barely reac...
7:25 5 February 2022

Photos of ‘king tides’ globally show risks of climate change

DEPOE BAY, Ore. — Tourists, nature lovers and amateur scientists are whipping out their cameras to document the effects of extreme high tides on shore...
6:09 5 February 2022

UK boosts climate effort by banning new gas vehicles by 2035

LONDON — Britain announced Tuesday that it plans to ban the sale of new gas and diesel cars by 2035 — five years earlier than its previous target — in...
14:13 4 February 2022

AP VoteCast: Iowa Dems split on best challenger for Trump

WASHINGTON — Iowa Democrats are fiercely united by the goal of unseating President Donald Trump, but they were sharply divided Monday over which candi...
2:07 4 February 2022

Climate change poses threat to future Super Bowls in Miami

MIAMI — The forecast for the Super Bowl in Miami is grim.
19:17 31 January 2022

Let’s move on: EU wants to keep big role after Brexit

BRUSSELS — As the United Kingdom prepared to bring to an end its 47-year EU membership, the bloc's top officials on Friday pledged to continue playing...
10:33 31 January 2022

French climate alliance takes legal action against Total

A French climate alliance of charity groups and local authorities launched an unprecedented legal action Tuesday against Total, hoping to make the Fre...
11:28 28 January 2022

Thunberg brushes off mockery from US finance chief

DAVOS, Switzerland — Climate activist Greta Thunberg on Friday brushed off criticism and mockery from U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, saying t...
10:41 24 January 2022

AP Explains: How climate change feeds Africa locust invasion

JOHANNESBURG — Locusts by the millions are nibbling their way across a large part of Africa in the worst outbreak some places have seen in 70 years. I...
15:27 23 January 2022

‘Who is she?’ - US Treasury chief takes swipe at Thunberg

DAVOS, Switzerland — As one of the executive producers of the last Mad Max movie, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin might have been interested in...
10:59 23 January 2022

Trump administration approves Keystone pipeline on US land

BILLINGS, Mont. — The Trump administration on Wednesday approved a right-of-way allowing the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline to be built across U.S. la...
20:27 22 January 2022

The Latest: WTO chief says debate over trade rules will last

DAVOS, Switzerland — The Latest on the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (all times local):
18:30 22 January 2022

Erosion, floods make some final resting places not so final

WEYBRIDGE, Vt. — When Revolutionary War soldier Josiah Clark was buried in a small Vermont cemetery near a river bank in 1835, it was supposed to be h...
15:34 22 January 2022

Why tech has been slow to fight wildfires, extreme weather

SAN FRANCISCO — For two years running , California’s wildfires have sent plumes of smoke across Silicon Valley. So far, that hasn't spurred much tech ...
12:38 22 January 2022

Trump in Davos: Talking up economy, brushing off impeachment

DAVOS, Switzerland —
22:38 21 January 2022

Backatcha: Thunberg returns Trump’s climate jibe

DAVOS, Switzerland — Greta Thunberg isn't easily intimidated.
18:38 21 January 2022

The Latest: Trump calls new EU chief ‘very tough negotiator’

DAVOS, Switzerland — The Latest on the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (all times local):
14:56 21 January 2022

Spain declares climate emergency, gets climate plan ready

MADRID — Spain’s new government declared a national climate emergency on Tuesday, taking a formal first step toward enacting ambitious measures to fig...
13:00 21 January 2022