US officials cite ‘balance’ as goal for Chaco oil plan

ALBUQUERQUE, N .M. (AP) — U.S. land managers on Friday made public a list of possible alternatives for managing developm...
19:06 28 February 2022

Across races, religions, coalitions organize for solidarity

(RNS) — Rachel Prestipino knows how segregated Miami can be every day, including Sunday: “It’s not just at 11 a.m.” But ...
20:27 24 February 2022

German gunman calling for genocide kills 9 people

HANAU, Germany (AP) — A 43-year-old German man who posted a manifesto calling for the “complete extermination” of many “...
15:25 20 February 2022

Sabbath buses barrel through Israel’s religious-secular rift

TEL AVIV, Israel — Tel Aviv has taken a major step to cement its status as Israel’s secular mecca, launching public transportation services on the Jew...
7:04 29 November 2021

Maybe banking culture doesn’t always make people dishonest

NEW YORK — Scientists say they were unable to confirm a highly publicized 2014 study that suggested banking culture can promote dishonesty.
18:04 13 November 2021

Censorship or caution? Culture war burns in Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO — The clowns were already on stage, faces painted white, costumes carefully adjusted. It was to be the troupe's second show of "Abrazo,...
14:25 4 November 2021