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Oracle 11g r2 migrates from CentOS to Windows 10 using Data dump

****** Expdp Export, Impdp Import **** 1 Source system: Operating System: CentOS Oracle database version: Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition Release 11.2.0...
20:42 25 December 2018

Default Sorting Behavior and Query of NULL Value in PostgreSQL Database, Index Definition Specification - nulls first last, asc desc

Label PostgreSQL, NULLS FIRST, NULLS LAST, ASC, DESC, default behavior, sort background In the database, NULL value refers to the value of UNKNOWN, wh...
15:51 24 December 2018

Introduction to the most complete iOS data storage methods: FMDB, SQLite3, Core Data, Plist, Preference preference settings, NSKeyed Archiver archiving

For reproducing, please indicate the address of this article: objective The project is going to use Core Data fo...
13:39 24 December 2018