Death rates

Q&A: Emerging picture of virus shows world at critical stage

The global spread of infection from the new virus reached a critical stage this week with the number of new cases report...
22:04 28 February 2022

How deadly is new coronavirus? It’s still too early to tell

WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists can’t tell yet how deadly the new virus that’s spreading around the globe really is — and d...
7:18 26 February 2022

For 1st time in 4 years, US life expectancy rises — a little

NEW YORK — Life expectancy in the United States is up for the first time in four years.
5:43 30 January 2022

Trump goes out of his way to take a bow, again

WASHINGTON — It was wonderful news: Researchers reported this past week the largest-ever one-year decline in the U.S. cancer death rate during 2017. A...
13:10 11 January 2022

Cancer group finds biggest one-year drop in U.S. death rate

NEW YORK — Researchers on Wednesday reported the largest-ever one-year decline in the U.S. cancer death rate, a drop they credited to advances in lung...
12:39 8 January 2022

New higher-speed Florida train has highest US death rate

MIAMI — After Richard Branson announced his Virgin Group would partner with Brightline, Florida’s new higher-speed passenger rail service, a train whi...
12:45 2 December 2021