Olympic champion Sun Yang banned for 8 years in doping case

GENEVA (AP) — Chinese swimmer Sun Yang was banned for eight years on Friday and will miss the 2020 Tokyo Olympics becaus...
9:30 28 February 2022

Swimming authorities worked to protect Sun Yang from ban

GENEVA (AP) — International swimming authorities worked to protect three-time Olympic champion Sun Yang from being banne...
14:33 25 February 2022

A step ahead? Nike’s Vaporfly shoe changing marathon game

To pick the favorites in this year's Olympic marathon, just glance at the shoes of the runners on the starting line.
20:15 6 February 2022

Congress urged to pass anti-doping bill before Olympics

WASHINGTON — The head of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency urged Congress on Wednesday to pass a bill criminalizing international doping conspiracies before...
19:38 5 February 2022

WADA asks sports court to open Russia case to public hearing

GENEVA — The World Anti-Doping Agency wants a rare public hearing for sport’s highest court to judge a four-year slate of punishments faced by Russia ...
10:49 4 February 2022

Former IAAF president’s corruption trial opens in Paris

PARIS — The corruption trial involving the former president of track and field's governing body was suspended Monday shortly after it began.
16:32 13 January 2022

Russia accuses doping whistleblower of modifying key data

Russia is blaming the World Anti-Doping Agency's star witness for modifying key laboratory data. His lawyer says that's nonsense.
11:47 22 December 2021

Doping report obtained by AP shows depths of Russia cover-up

The Russians were running out of time. Experts from the World Anti-Doping Agency were heading to Moscow to finally receive the trove of data they’d be...
19:34 26 November 2021

WADA panel recommends neutral status for Russia at Olympics

MONTREAL — Russian athletes should be forced to compete as neutrals at next year’s Olympics in Tokyo and other major events, a key World Anti-Doping A...
21:46 25 November 2021

Embattled Russian track president Dmitry Shlyakhtin resigns

MOSCOW — The president of the Russian track and field federation has resigned two days after he was accused of obstructing an anti-doping investigatio...
11:20 23 November 2021

Chinese swimming star defends failure to take doping test

MONTREUX, Switzerland — Chinese Olympic champion swimmer Sun Yang defended his failure to take a doping test by testifying at a rare public hearing Fr...
17:09 15 November 2021

Olympic champ’s heartfelt speech marks end of an era at WADA

KATOWICE, Poland — The only reason Beckie Scott's going-away speech to the World Anti-Doping Agency wasn't her finest moment was because of all that l...
7:01 8 November 2021

US gov’t rep unhappy with WADA lobbying effort

KATOWICE, Poland — A key American delegate at the World Anti-Doping Agency meetings lashed out at the agency's director for using government money in ...
21:52 7 November 2021

IOC’s large role in anti-doping creates conflict of interest

KATOWICE, Poland — The idea made sense. Given the rampant amount of drug abuse in Olympic sports, the sports world needed a global watchdog.
19:13 5 November 2021