General elections

Labor union unveils $150M campaign to help defeat Trump

WASHINGTON (AP) — One of the nation’s largest labor unions is unveiling plans to invest $150 million in a nationwide cam...
5:17 27 February 2022

Campaign to open Trump community centers to woo black voters

WASHINGTON (AP) — Flush with cash, President Donald Trump’s campaign is stepping up its outreach to black Americans as i...
20:00 26 February 2022

AP Exclusive: Pro-Trump effort raises over $60M in January

WASHINGTON — Pro-Trump groups raised more than $60 million in January and have more than $200 million on hand for this year's general election, shatte...
10:22 13 February 2022

Buttigieg lands black South Carolina lawmaker’s endorsement

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Democratic presidential contender Pete Buttigieg is picking up his first endorsement among South Carolina’s black lawmakers as attent...
15:01 12 February 2022

AP VoteCast: Young, liberal voters key to Sanders’ NH win

WASHINGTON — Bernie Sanders won the young, the liberal and the disaffected in New Hampshire. Their votes were enough to deliver him a victory in Tuesd...
5:22 12 February 2022

Ireland faces wrangling as Sinn Fein aims to form government

LONDON — Final results in Ireland’s general election show three parties in a virtual tie for seats, signalling weeks of tense negotiations ahead to fo...
10:36 11 February 2022

Clinton jabs again at Sanders, says he didn’t unite party

Hillary Clinton is not done talking about Bernie Sanders.
2:49 1 February 2022

2020 Watch: Will impeachment change the primary?

DES MOINES, Iowa — Presidential politics move fast. What we're watching heading into a new week on the 2020 campaign:
11:34 20 January 2022

2020 Watch: Will the debate provide any clarity?

NEW YORK — Presidential politics move fast. What we're watching heading into a new week on the 2020 campaign:
10:22 13 January 2022

Dixville Notch finds enough people to retain claim to fame

CONCORD, N.H. — A tiny New Hampshire community whose tradition of being among the first to cast ballots for president in primaries and the general ele...
22:14 9 January 2022

GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter resigns after corruption conviction

SAN DIEGO — Republican U.S. Rep. Duncan D. Hunter submitted his resignation Tuesday, one month after pleading guilty to a corruption charge, leaving v...
23:18 7 January 2022

2020 Watch: Messy primary finally meets election year

ATLANTA — The presidential politics calendar turned to 2020 nearly a year ago. This week, the actual date catches up. What we’re watching as the prese...
10:21 30 December 2022

Tiny Dixville Notch may have to forfeit midnight voting

CONCORD, N.H. — A tiny, isolated community near the Canadian border known for casting ballots just after the stroke of midnight in presidential electi...
14:55 23 December 2021

South Dakota ballot will include medical marijuana measure

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. — South Dakota voters will decide on a measure to allow medicinal marijuana after a petition to put the issue on the November ballot...
21:59 20 December 2021

UK services industry sees little joy in post-Brexit world

LONDON — Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decisive victory in last week's general election provided little comfort to Britain's once world-beating finan...
11:43 18 December 2021

Supporters of embattled Thai opposition party hold big rally

BANGKOK — Several thousand supporters of a popular opposition party in Thailand that is under threat of dissolution rallied Saturday in the nation's c...
1:13 15 December 2021

2020 Watch: Why Biden is blitzing Iowa and more questions

NEW YORK — Presidential politics move fast. What we're watching heading into a new week on the 2020 campaign:
10:18 2 December 2021

Labour’s Corbyn struggles to contain anti-Semitism charge

LONDON — Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn struggled Tuesday to defuse harsh criticism about anti-Semitism leveled at both himself and the party by Br...
20:51 26 November 2021

Bloomberg spending $15M-$20M to register half million voters

WASHINGTON — As he moves toward a presidential announcement, New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg is rolling out plans to spend an estimated $15 mil...
19:56 20 November 2021

Be careful out there: UK police warn candidates about safety

LONDON — British police are unveiling new tactics to protect politicians amid the country’s fraught, even hostile political atmosphere, issuing safety...
13:26 15 November 2021

EU takes legal action against UK over commissioner dispute

BRUSSELS — The European Union is piling pressure on Britain and has launched legal action against the departing member of the 28-country bloc over its...
18:21 14 November 2021

Poll brings Spain no respite from political uncertainty

MADRID — A general election called to end political deadlock in Spain has only deepened uncertainty about the future of the European Union's fifth-lar...
17:30 11 November 2021

Tech companies rush to fight misinformation ahead of UK vote

LONDON — Facebook is opening up a war room to quickly respond to election hoaxes. Twitter is banning political ads. Google plans to crack down on bogu...
7:57 8 November 2021

Spain repeats election as Catalan crisis boosts far right

MADRID — Spain is holding its fourth general election in as many years — and the second this year — amid voter distrust and a renewed Catalan independ...
7:49 8 November 2021

Bank of England warns over global economic hit to UK

LONDON — The growth outlook for the British economy has deteriorated largely as a result of a gloomier global backdrop, the Bank of England said Thurs...
14:53 7 November 2021

Hundreds of Brexit Party candidates will run in UK election

LONDON — Nigel Farage unveiled hundreds of Brexit Party candidates for Britain's general election on Monday, and warned the governing Conservatives th...
17:04 4 November 2021

AP-NORC poll: Interest in campaign is growing, as is anxiety

WASHINGTON — A year out from the 2020 general election, there already is significant interest in the presidential campaign. But a poll from The Associ...
12:52 3 November 2021

UK’s Johnson seeks Dec 12 election to break Brexit impasse

LONDON — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has finally abandoned his promise of an October Brexit and pinned his hopes on a December election.
18:14 24 October 2021

AP Explains: A look at Franco and why he is being exhumed

MADRID — The body of dictator Gen. Francisco Franco is being exhumed Thursday from the grandiose mausoleum at the Valley of the Fallen before being tr...
8:27 24 October 2021

Leader of South Africa’s leading opposition party resigns

JOHANNESBURG — The first black leader of South Africa's largest opposition party resigned Wednesday in a blow to efforts to shed the liberal party's i...
17:57 23 October 2021