George W. Bush

Trump looks to rev up his base at Daytona 500

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump is out to rev up his appeal with a key voting demographic — NASCAR fans — as he takes in the Daytona 500 on Sunday...
17:33 15 February 2022

Gavel time: Will chief justice expand his impeachment role?

WASHINGTON — Chief Justice John Roberts is the picture of judicial modesty at President Donald Trump's impeachment trial, wearing his unadorned black ...
21:44 30 January 2022

Rep. Liz Cheney to stay in House, decline Wyoming Senate run

WASHINGTON — Rep. Liz Cheney, a junior but rising GOP leader in the House, is opting to stay on that chamber's leadership track rather than run for a ...
15:05 16 January 2022

Australian PM’s leadership criticized during wildfire crisis

CANBERRA, Australia — As his country burned, Australia's prime minister was cursed and jeered out of a town, called an “idiot,” a “moron” and worse, a...
9:12 8 January 2022

US long watched Soleimani, but feared risks of a strike

WASHINGTON — In 2007, U.S. commandos watched as a convoy carrying a powerful Iranian military leader made its way to northern Iraq.
20:27 3 January 2022

The new ‘three amigos’ riding into Trump impeachment inquiry

WASHINGTON — The “three amigos” used to stand for one thing in Washington — the pack of globe-trotting senators led by John McCain who brought America...
12:23 1 December 2021

House lawyer says committee investigating whether Trump lied

WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives’ top lawyer told a federal appeals court Monday that the House is investigating whether President Donald Tru...
18:59 18 November 2021