Global trade

Trump defends Modi, refuses to weigh in on citizenship law

NEW DELHI (AP) — Defending the host who has showered him with pageantry, President Donald Trump refused Tuesday to speak...
16:40 25 February 2022

EU approves tough negotiating mandate for UK trade talks

BRUSSELS (AP) — The European Union on Tuesday gave its chief negotiator Michel Barnier a robust negotiating mandate to g...
12:07 25 February 2022

China struggles to revive manufacturing amid virus outbreak

BEIJING (AP) — Factories that make the world’s smartphones, toys and other goods are struggling to reopen after a virus ...
11:05 25 February 2022

At Trump’s India rally, Modi bets on bolstering his image

AHMEDABAD, India (AP) — A festive mood has enveloped Ahmedabad in India’s northwestern state of Gujarat ahead of Prime M...
10:37 22 February 2022

ASEAN diplomats praise China’s handling of virus outbreak

VIENTIANE, Laos (AP) — Southeast Asia’s top diplomats praised China’s handling of the virus outbreak and pledged Thursda...
12:44 20 February 2022

Fed seems inclined to keep rates low as virus poses risks

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal Reserve officials were mostly optimistic about the U.S. and global economies last month, thoug...
19:38 19 February 2022

Trump says Modi expects massive crowds during India visit

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump says that India Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expecting to turn out massive c...
21:55 18 February 2022

Trump opposes possible ban on sale of jet engines to China

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump signaled Tuesday via Twitter that he opposes efforts to block the sale of jet e...
19:15 18 February 2022

China virus outbreak chilling recovery for Asian economies

BANGKOK — The virus outbreak in China has put South Korea's economy into an "emergency situation," its president says. Japan is on the brink of recess...
11:46 18 February 2022

Trump wants $1.5B over 10 years to revive US uranium mining

SALT LAKE CITY — The Trump administration is asking Congress for $1.5 billion over 10 years to create a new national stockpile of U.S.-mined uranium, ...
5:38 14 February 2022

UK Treasury chief quits as Johnson shakes up Cabinet

LONDON — U.K. Treasury chief Sajid Javid unexpectedly resigned on Thursday after resisting a reduction in his power, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson s...
14:54 13 February 2022

Businesses struggle to fix supply chains disrupted by virus

WASHINGTON — Chinese authorities are struggling to strike a delicate balance between containing a viral outbreak and restarting the world’s second-big...
23:00 11 February 2022

EU official rejects Johnson’s idea of loose UK trade deal

BRUSSELS — The European Union will only offer Britain unique access to its vast single market if the U.K. agrees to stick to the bloc's standards, Eur...
11:40 11 February 2022

Amid uncertainty, French wine industry puts itself on show

PARIS — France's big wine industry, shaken by U.S. President Trump’s painful tariff hikes and the threat of climate change, is hoping to re-energize g...
11:34 11 February 2022

Iraqi officials: US will grant vital Iran sanctions waiver

BAGHDAD — The United States has signaled to Iraq its willingness to extend sanctions waivers enabling the country to continue importing vital Iranian ...
5:46 10 February 2022

AP FACT CHECK: Trump hypes ‘comeback,’ impeachment acquittal

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump says the world is witnessing a great American economic revival that he brought on by reversing course from the Oba...
5:26 10 February 2022

World stock markets retreat ahead of US jobs report

Global stock markets retreated Friday ahead of the monthly U.S. jobs report and after France and Germany reported weak factory data.
12:54 7 February 2022

January US jobs report may provide clarity amid disruptions

WASHINGTON — With China's viral outbreak disrupting trade and Boeing's troubles weighing on American factories, the January U.S. jobs report on Friday...
5:01 7 February 2022

Asian stock markets retreat after surge on China tariff cut

Asian stock markets retreated Friday following a surge after China announced a tariff cut on U.S. imports.
4:38 7 February 2022

Global tourism takes major hit as virus halts Chinese travel

This should have been a good year for global tourism, with trade tensions gradually easing, certain economies growing and banner events like the Summe...
2:36 7 February 2022

Trump, Kenyan leader talk positive about US-Kenya trade deal

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta sounded positive notes Thursday about a future trade deal between their countr...
19:53 6 February 2022

This week’s American turmoil, seen through allies’ eyes

For American politics, it’s been a week for the ages: a bungled start to the 2020 presidential primary season, a State of the Union speech with partis...
13:21 6 February 2022

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s exaggerated ‘great American comeback’

WASHINGTON — The "great American comeback” President Donald Trump claimed in his State of the Union speech drew on falsehoods about U.S. energy suprem...
4:54 5 February 2022

Text of President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address

WASHINGTON — Text of President Donald Trump's 2020 State of the Union address, as provided by the White House:
3:37 5 February 2022

Pompeo message in Europe, Central Asia trip: Beware of China

TASHKENT, Uzbekistan — The countries Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited on a five nation-tour over the last week varied from longtime ally Britain...
5:29 4 February 2022

Miami sees a return to Cold War cultural hard line on Cuba

MIAMI — Platinum-selling reggaeton act Gente de Zona were barred from a New Year’s Eve concert in a Miami park. The mayor of Miami declared another Cu...
5:02 4 February 2022

UK and EU clash over trade with 11 months to make a deal

LONDON — Britain and the European Union set out clashing opening gambits Monday on striking a trade deal, making it clear that each side is willing to...
15:46 3 February 2022

EU demands access to UK waters in order to sign trade deal

BRUSSELS — The European Union will link any access to its market for British products directly to the access that EU boats will be given to U.K. water...
9:50 3 February 2022

AP FACT CHECK: Distortions in Trump’s case for acquittal

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump's impeachment defense appears to have cleared the bar as far as his fellow Republicans are concerned. But its adhe...
5:35 3 February 2022