Government spending

Coronavirus poses tough challenge for economic policymakers

WASHINGTON (AP) — The fast-moving coronavirus isn’t just confounding health officials. It’s also bedeviling policymakers...
22:34 25 February 2022

Trump suggests he may be open to entitlement cuts in future

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump appeared to suggest in a television interview Wednesday that he’s willing to consider entitlement cuts in the futu...
21:06 22 January 2022

World shares mostly higher; China plans stimulus measures

TOKYO — Global markets edged higher on Thursday though trading was subdued after the Christmas holidays. Chinese markets surged after the government a...
8:33 26 December 2022

Space Force will start small but let Trump claim a big win

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration is celebrating the launch of Space Force, the first new military service in more than 70 years.
5:13 20 December 2021

Spending deal ends two-decade freeze on gun safety research

WASHINGTON — A bipartisan deal on a government spending bill would for the first time in two decades provide money for federal research on gun safety....
20:37 16 December 2021

Japan’s economy slows, logging 0.2% annual expansion in 3Q

TOKYO — Japan reports its economy grew at an annual pace of 0.2% in July-September, supported by consumer purchases ahead of a tax hike.
4:16 14 November 2021