Normalcy returns to Guatemala-Mexico border after caravan

FRONTERA HIDALGO, Mexico — From the roadside stand where his family sells mole, barbecue and chicken stew, Miguel Ángel Vázquez has seen all the carav...
15:46 24 January 2022

Mexico’s tough response to migrants doesn’t stir outcry

MEXICO CITY — The hundreds of Central American migrants walking north in southern Mexico have received steady media coverage in Mexico, but with sky h...
22:32 23 January 2022

9 parents separated from families return to children in US

LOS ANGELES — As his long-lost son walked toward him in an airport terminal, a sobbing David Xol stretched out his arms, fell to one knee and embraced...
18:21 23 January 2022

Mexico begins flying, busing migrants back to Honduras

CIUDAD HIDALGO, Mexico — Hundreds of Central American migrants who waded across a river into Mexico in hopes of eventually reaching the U.S. were sent...
20:51 21 January 2022

Thousands camp in Guatemala as Mexico blocks migrant path

TECUN UMAN, Guatemala — The bridge spanning the Suchiate River between Mexico and Guatemala was open again for business on Sunday, but few migrants we...
18:21 19 January 2022

Mexico readies for Central American migrants at south border

CIUDAD HIDALGO, Mexico — Border security forces in southern Mexico were preparing Friday for the expected arrival of hundreds of Central Americans tra...
22:22 17 January 2022

Guatemala sweeps up migrant, group, returns them to border

EL CINCHADO, Guatemala — Guatemalan police accompanied by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents swept up the majority of a group of some 300...
22:39 16 January 2022

100s of migrants advance to Guatemala from Honduras

EL CINCHADO, Guatemala — Hundreds of mainly Honduran migrants started walking and hitching rides Wednesday from the city of San Pedro Sula and crossed...
22:33 15 January 2022

Asylum agreements with Central American nations challenged

WASHINGTON — Trump administration agreements with Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras that allow U.S. immigration officials to send asylum seekers to ...
21:28 15 January 2022

Guatemala town celebrates patron saint with dance, fireworks

1:20 22 December 2021

Trump says Guatemala is helping stem asylum seekers in US

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump thanked Guatemala's president Tuesday for becoming a more active partner in helping stem a tide of migrants seekin...
20:49 17 December 2021

Central American offered asylum in Guatemala opts for home

COLON, Honduras — The first Central American asylum seeker sent to Guatemala under that country’s “safe third country” agreement with the U.S. has opt...
21:23 24 November 2021