Elatic job quick start

See the previous document for the basic environment
20:27 29 November 2021

Android Studio custom page template

historical background With the rich and color...
20:21 29 November 2021

Section 3 of IntelliJ IDEA plug-in development: develop toolbar and Tab page to display stock market and K-line

Continue to adhere to the original output, click the blue word to pay attention to me Author: Xiao Fu GeBlog: https://b...
8:22 22 November 2021

Simple use of Lombok in Mybatis basic learning

preface: Hello, guys, I'm running snail rz. Of course, yo...
15:01 5 November 2021

HashMap Code Implementation (JDK7 Array + Chain List)

The first thing we need to do is tap code to implement HashMap, so what is HashMap? What is the data structure? What is ...
13:27 1 November 2021

Build Maven + spring MVC + Tomcat demo project with idea

The environment jdk, maven, tomcat and idea are required. The demo version is as follows: ...
13:18 30 October 2021

IDEA plug-in development, how do I move the company's publishing system to IDEA

It has to be said that JetBrains is very direct. Every programmer can find his own development tool on the official webs...
7:20 29 October 2021

day10 object oriented programming

1. Array Select sort Train of thought analysi...
17:37 1 September 2021

Learning from Spring Security practice: creating a simple Spring Security Project

Reference course: Mr. Chen Muxin's "Spring Security practice" ...
22:44 23 June 2020

Write IntelliJ IDEA plug-ins from scratch

When you write Java code, repetitive operations are often involved, so it's good to think of a plug-in like this. If it'...
21:51 7 February 2020

FFmpeg code to extract audio and video data

Today, we begin to roll up the code. First, we use the FFmpeg API to extract the audio data of an MP4 file. IDE It should be the first time to do C/C...
17:42 3 December 2019