Indonesian acquitted of blasphemy for taking dog into mosque

CIBINONG, Indonesia — An Indonesian woman who doctors say should receive psychiatric treatment was acquitted Wednesday of blasphemy charges for taking...
11:26 5 February 2022

Fears of new virus trigger anti-China sentiment worldwide

SEOUL, South Korea — A scary new virus from China has spread around the world. So has rising anti-Chinese sentiment, calls for a full travel ban on Ch...
5:49 2 February 2022

More airlines drop flights to China as virus spreads

BANGKOK — British Airways halted all flights to China and American Airlines suspended Los Angeles flights to and from Shanghai and Beijing as efforts ...
18:33 29 January 2022

SoftBank to invest $40 billion for new Indonesia capital

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Japan's SoftBank is offering to invest $30 billion to $40 billion in the development of a new Indonesian capital, an official sai...
11:29 17 January 2022

Mudslides, blackouts hamper search after Indonesia floods

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Mudslides and power blackouts hampered the search for people missing in massive floods in Indonesia's capital, where more than 60...
1:27 6 January 2022

Indonesia’s flooded capital disinfected to fend off disease

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Soldiers and health workers sprayed Indonesia's capital with disinfectant on Sunday to fend off possible diseases spread by massi...
11:05 5 January 2022

60 dead in landslides, flash floods in Indonesia’s capital

JAKARTA, Indonesia — Landslides and floods triggered by torrential downpours have left at least 60 people dead in and around Indonesia's capital, as r...
15:49 4 January 2022

Indonesia capital floods leave 43 dead, 397,000 displaced

JAKARTA, Indonesia — The death toll from floods in Indonesia's capital rose to 43 of Friday as rescuers found more bodies amid receding floodwaters, d...
5:49 3 January 2022

Indonesia, Thailand mark 15th anniversary of massive tsunami

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia — Thousands of people knelt in prayer in Indonesia's Aceh province at ceremonies Thursday marking the 15th anniversary of the In...
10:44 26 December 2022

Scientists narrow age estimate for fossils of human ancestor

NEW YORK — Scientists say they have finally calculated the age of the youngest known remains of Homo erectus, which is generally considered an ancesto...
18:19 18 December 2021

Bacteria-infected mosquitoes take bite out of deadly dengue

WASHINGTON — They still bite, but new research shows lab-grown mosquitoes are fighting dangerous dengue fever that they normally would spread.
21:18 21 November 2021

Lion Air crash report points to Boeing, pilots, maintenance

JAKARTA, Indonesia — An Indonesian investigation found a Lion Air flight that crashed and killed 189 people a year ago was doomed by a combination of ...
11:27 25 October 2021