John Lewis

Congressman Lewis to receive NAACP honor at awards show

ATLANTA — The NAACP is honoring John Lewis for his Congressional service and long history as a civil rights activist.
6:21 11 February 2022

Alex Trebek to Rep. John Lewis: Let’s survive cancer in 2020

LOS ANGELES — Alex Trebek has a message of support for Congressman John Lewis as both fight pancreatic cancer.
21:46 6 January 2022

Congressman John Lewis says cancer is his latest battle

ATLANTA — As a civil rights activist at 25, John Lewis was beaten so badly his skull was fractured and the TV images from an Alabama bridge in the 196...
6:58 30 December 2022

Isakson calls for bipartisanship in Senate farewell

ATLANTA — Republican Sen. Johnny Isakson has made a plea for bipartisanship in his farewell speech.
20:37 3 December 2021