John Roberts

Supreme Court hears battle over Atlantic Coast Pipeline

The Supreme Court on Monday appeared ready to remove an obstacle to construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, with a ...
19:57 24 February 2022

Not guilty: Senate acquits Trump of impeachment charges

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump won impeachment acquittal Wednesday in the U.S. Senate, bringing to a close only the third presidential trial in A...
5:23 6 February 2022

Trial highlights: Alexander decides, Dershowitz backtracks

WASHINGTON — An end to President Donald Trump's impeachment trial appears closer after one influential Republican senator said he would not support a ...
14:21 31 January 2022

Gavel time: Will chief justice expand his impeachment role?

WASHINGTON — Chief Justice John Roberts is the picture of judicial modesty at President Donald Trump's impeachment trial, wearing his unadorned black ...
21:44 30 January 2022

Question time: What’s next in Trump’s impeachment trial

WASHINGTON — With opening arguments wrapped up in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, senators will now get a chance to ask questions. But the...
5:06 29 January 2022

Tweets urge calls to Supreme Court for fair Senate trial

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court doesn't have a public comment line for its own work, much less the Senate's.
18:15 24 January 2022

Schiff takes conciliatory tone after Roberts’ admonishment

WASHINGTON — Rep. Adam Schiff, the lead impeachment manager, took a conciliatory tone at President Donald Trump’s Senate trial on Wednesday after Chie...
21:30 22 January 2022

Supreme Court seems favorable to religious education funding

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court's conservative majority appeared ready Wednesday to reinvigorate a Montana scholarship program that could make it easie...
16:53 22 January 2022

How Trump’s impeachment differs from a criminal trial

WASHINGTON — Yes, it's a trial — but the Senate's impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump won't resemble anything Americans have seen o...
22:37 17 January 2022

Trump’s trial begins at the start of an election year

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate opened the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump with quiet ceremony Thursday — senators standing at their desks to...
5:09 17 January 2022

Reporters getting 1st taste of impeachment restrictions

WASHINGTON — The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump has barely started and already journalists are getting a glimpse of how hard it will be c...
22:40 16 January 2022

Trump’s trial begins, senators vowing ‘impartial justice’

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Senate opened the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump with quiet ceremony Thursday, senators standing at their desks to ...
21:31 16 January 2022

John Roberts likely to play modest role in impeachment trial

WASHINGTON — Chief Justice John Roberts is likely to play a modest role when he presides over the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, ...
16:07 16 January 2022

‘OK, Boomer’ makes a Supreme Court appearance in age case

WASHINGTON — “OK, Boomer" made its first appearance in the Supreme Court Wednesday, invoked by baby boomer Chief Justice John Roberts 12 days before h...
18:24 15 January 2022

The Crossing: What to watch as impeachment heads to Senate

WASHINGTON — The articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump don't move to the Senate by themselves.
5:18 15 January 2022

Roberts: Judges working to promote civics, impartial courts

WASHINGTON — Federal judges are taking up the challenge to educate Americans about how their government works at a time when false information can spr...
23:03 31 December 2022

Roberts will tap his inner umpire in impeachment trial

WASHINGTON — America's last prolonged look at Chief Justice John Roberts came 14 years ago, when he told senators during his Supreme Court confirmatio...
22:32 23 December 2021

Roberts seems to hold key to case over New York City gun law

WASHINGTON — Chief Justice John Roberts appeared Monday to be the key vote in whether the Supreme Court considers expanding gun rights or sidesteps it...
20:34 2 December 2021

Sticky impeachment trial questions: How long? Who testifies?

WASHINGTON — What will the impeachment trial look like?
19:42 27 November 2021

Supreme Court says Ginsburg home sick with stomach bug

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court says Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is missing arguments at the court because she’s home sick with a stomach bug.
16:25 13 November 2021

Justices take up high-profile case over young immigrants

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court is taking up the Trump administration's plan to end legal protections that shield 660,000 immigrants from deportation, ...
19:47 10 November 2021