Khalifa Hifter

Turkey deploys extremists to Libya, local militias say

CAIRO — Syrian militants affiliated with groups such as al-Qaida and the Islamic State group are currently being sent by Turkey to fight on behalf of ...
6:11 5 February 2022

Libyan oil fields remain shut, testing peace summit

BENGHAZI, Libya — Libya’s major oil fields and production facilities remained closed on Monday, its National Oil Corporation said, in a sign that the ...
15:57 20 January 2022

Libya’s eastern-based forces move to halt oil exports

BENGHAZI, Libya — A move by Libya's east-based forces to choke off oil exports from its territory threatens to throttle much of the country’s oil prod...
20:58 18 January 2022

Greece threatens to block Libya deal over sea border dispute

ATHENS, Greece — Greece will block any European peace deal on Libya unless an agreement between the internationally-recognized government in Tripoli a...
20:02 16 January 2022

Libya’s rival leaders leave Moscow, no peace deal signed

MOSCOW — Libya’s rival leaders have left Moscow without reaching agreement on a cease-fire deal proposed by Russia and Turkey in an effort to bring an...
7:29 14 January 2022

Libya ceasefire talks in Moscow adjourned for the night

MOSCOW — Talks in Moscow about bringing an end to Libya's long-running civil war have been adjourned for the night after the country's rival governmen...
16:53 13 January 2022

Leaders of Turkey, Russia urge Jan. 12 cease-fire in Libya

BRUSSELS — Turkey and Russia called for a Jan. 12 cease-fire in war-torn Libya on Wednesday while European Union officials intensified diplomatic effo...
17:52 8 January 2022

Turkish lawmakers authorize sending troops to fight in Libya

ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey's parliament on Thursday authorized the deployment of troops to Libya to support the U.N.-backed government in Tripoli that is...
16:17 2 January 2022

Leaders of Russia, Turkey discuss fighting in Libya

MOSCOW — The leaders of Russia and Turkey discussed the fighting in Libya in a phone call Tuesday, the Kremlin said.
16:05 17 December 2021

Fighting rages near Libya’s capital amid push by rebel army

CAIRO — Just two days after rebel Libyan commander Khalifa Hifter declared a “final" and decisive battle for the capital Tripoli, heavy fighting raged...
20:20 14 December 2021