Rain, art and winter wonderlands at Paris Fashion Week

PARIS (AP) — Haunting music greeted drizzled-on VIP guests, including singer Janelle Monáe, who braved torrential rains ...
18:31 1 March 2022

Celine gets refined as Balmain celebrates diversity in Paris

PARIS (AP) — Usher unleashed a photographer’s battle at Balmain on Friday, as he appeared at Paris Fashion Week alongsid...
21:30 28 February 2022

Kenzo designer debuts; Lanvin goes encyclopedic in Paris

PARIS (AP) — All eyes at Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday were on the debut of Kenzo’s new designer, who put guests atten...
17:32 26 February 2022

On education, Sanders lauded for substance, knocked for cost

During the 2016 Democratic presidential race, when Bernie Sanders pushed making college free, it was seen as a radical i...
17:23 26 February 2022

Crafts can help refugees find community, and maybe a living

When Bahija Karim arrived in Idaho as an Afghan refugee in 2005, she knew little about American culture. She didn’t spea...
15:45 26 February 2022

Should I use points and miles to book wedding travel?

You have no excuses now that the holidays have ended: It’s time to book travel for the wedding(s) you agreed to attend i...
13:10 26 February 2022

Dior invokes #MeToo in feminist-inspired fashion show

“Consent, Consent, Consent” flashed the neon set lights at Dior’s latest ready-to-wear show in Paris.It signaled that th...
17:09 25 February 2022

That orange seed you just spit out? Grow a tree

This undated photo shows a grapefruit and its seeds in New Paltz, N.Y. Citrus seeds are very easy to sprout and grow int...
13:22 25 February 2022

Mushrooms grow from beer waste in the cellars of Brussels

BRUSSELS (AP) — In Belgium, a country where beer is the culinary king, its brewing also creates magic for mushrooms. In ...
7:42 25 February 2022

Sustainable, versatile, global, delicious: Honey’s got buzz

Honey isn’t just honey anymore. At farmers markets, grocery stores and restaurants, there’s a wide assortment of honeys ...
14:20 24 February 2022

Singer Pharrell is making music on Miami’s restaurant scene

MIAMI (AP) — Grammy award-winning singer Pharrell may have been fired from three different McDonald’s as a teen, but tha...
6:19 23 February 2022

Armani to hold runway show in empty theater due to new virus

MILAN (AP) — In a last-minute change, Giorgio Armani is holding his Milan Fashion Week runway show behind closed doors S...
2:01 23 February 2022

Online daters looking for more than endless swiping

LONDON (AP) — While taboos surrounding online dating are long gone, some of today’s app users are sick of the endless sw...
18:34 21 February 2022

Struggling Victoria’s Secret sold as women demand comfort

NEW YORK (AP) — Victoria’s Secret, which once defined sexy with its leggy supermodels in their lacy bras and oversized a...
22:27 20 February 2022

Irony prevails at Benetton, transparent femininity at Prada

MILAN (AP) — The frills are on at Milan Fashion Week, where “pretty” is womenswear watchword of the next cold weather se...
18:21 20 February 2022

Egypt’s once-reviled street dogs get chance at a better life

CAIRO (AP) — Karim Hegazi spends his days in a Cairo clinic taking care of animals long considered a menace in Egypt.Str...
5:42 20 February 2022

Gucci bares backstage, No. 21 celebrates a decade

MILAN (AP) — Milan Fashion Week opened Wednesday with outreach to China, largely cut off from the rest of the world by a...
21:45 19 February 2022

Sand Creek Massacre site demands we confront racial violence

EADS, Colo. (AP) — The site sits hundreds of miles from any major city. There are no statues to admire, no gift shops to...
20:56 19 February 2022

Bestselling young adult authors are aiming at older readers

NEW YORK (AP) — After gaining millions of young readers for her “Divergent” fantasy series, Veronica Roth decided she an...
19:30 19 February 2022

Edmunds: What is the best size truck for your lifestyle?

Today, people use their trucks for everything from taking the kids to school to hauling concrete. Notably, 78% of full-s...
11:52 19 February 2022

Apps help volunteers get excess food to the hungry

Food waste and hunger are two enormous problems that some non-profit groups say can be addressed together by getting the...
17:47 18 February 2022

Crafts: Turn stained, shrunken sweaters into cozy mittens

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — A certain groundhog’s prediction notwithstanding, there’s plenty of winter left where I live in New...
16:45 18 February 2022

Backyard gardeners can act to help bee populations

Chemicals are routinely applied around residential landscapes to kill insect pests and troublesome weeds, but many are i...
16:36 18 February 2022

Kendall Jenner headlines London Fashion Week’s Burberry show

LONDON — Kendall Jenner and fellow super models unveiled Burberry's new season designs at London Fashion Week on Monday, a collection that spanned eve...
20:54 17 February 2022

Tech-starved government seeks industry’s best, brightest

Denver — In this post-impeachment era of divisiveness and deadlock in the nation’s capital, Uncle Sam has a message for top U.S. technologists:
18:35 17 February 2022

Writer AE Hotchner, friend to Hemingway, Newman, dead at 102

A.E. Hotchner, a well-traveled author, playwright and gadabout whose street smarts and famous pals led to a loving, but litigated memoir of Ernest Hem...
4:20 16 February 2022

Edie Falco talks new show ‘Tommy’ and staying close to home

NEW YORK — In her role in the news CBS drama “Tommy,” actress Edie Falco plays the first female chief of police in Los Angeles, but the native New Yor...
15:42 14 February 2022

New exhibit examines ballet’s lasting influence on fashion

NEW YORK — A crowning jewel of the new exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology is a feathered white tutu. It may look, to the untrained eye, li...
21:59 13 February 2022

Free tax filing has confused many Americans. Here’s help.

The majority of individual taxpayers in the U.S. are eligible to file their taxes for free, yet many may be unaware or confused by how to do so.
17:32 13 February 2022

401(k)s hit records as workers sock away more, stocks jump

NEW YORK — How's your 401(k) doing?
11:27 13 February 2022