Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey headline arena like rock stars

NEW YORK — Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey headlined Brooklyn’s Barclays Center like an A-list duo Saturday, getting a rock-star like applause from a...
2:35 9 February 2022

2 years after ‘step up,’ Grammys step into another mess

NEW YORK — The leadership at the Recording Academy thought they were in the clear: After the Academy's then-CEO made comments that seemed to belittle ...
22:14 17 January 2022

US-born Bei Bei settles into new home at Chinese panda base

BEIJING — After an intercontinental flight on the “Panda Express,” a furry American darling arrived early Thursday in his new Chinese home.
3:39 22 November 2021

15 Grammy facts: Michelle Obama in, Bruce Springsteen out

Fifteen things worth noting about Wednesday’s nominations for the 2020 Grammy Awards, from snubbed singers to the comeback kids.
21:30 20 November 2021

More celebs join Michelle Obama’s voter outreach drive

NEW YORK — Election Day is over, but Michelle Obama is still trying to get out the vote.
13:52 7 November 2021