Native Americans

US officials cite ‘balance’ as goal for Chaco oil plan

ALBUQUERQUE, N .M. (AP) — U.S. land managers on Friday made public a list of possible alternatives for managing developm...
19:06 28 February 2022

Movement to highlight missing Native women expands to males

TUBA CITY, Ariz. — Margaret Bitsue's days are filled with prayer: that her son has a clear mind and that he remembers home, a traditional Navajo hogan...
16:07 26 January 2022

Covington Catholic bus involved in fatal crash in Kentucky

CALIFORNIA, Ky. — A charter bus carrying students from a Catholic high school collided with a car Saturday morning in northern Kentucky, killing the c...
16:49 25 January 2022

Reservations brace for winter storms amid slow recovery

14:37 18 January 2022

Sports editor apologizes for tweeting ‘scalps’ after game

WINDOW ROCK, Ariz. — A sports editor for a New Mexico newspaper apologized this week after using “scalps” in a tweet to describe a high school basketb...
19:53 29 December 2022

Warren, back in Oklahoma, sees tribal leaders in private

OKLAHOMA CITY — Returning to the state where she was born, Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren met privately with Native American triba...
1:20 23 December 2021

Collaboration key to assembling Native American photo trove

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Of the roughly 1,000 images of Native Americans from the 19th through the early 20th century, Eric Hemenway kept returning to one: ...
14:45 22 December 2021

No thanks: Native Americans to hold 50th gathering of grief

PLYMOUTH, Mass. — Happy Thanksgiving to you in the land your forefathers stole.
11:09 26 November 2021

Attorney general unveils plan on missing Native Americans

PABLO, Mont. — Attorney General William Barr announced a nationwide plan Friday to address the crisis of missing and slain Native American women as co...
22:43 22 November 2021

Syracuse U, shaken by racism, welcomes the holiday break

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Benny Callahan didn’t leave her dorm for two straight days this week.
21:36 22 November 2021

Native Americans honor 50th anniversary of Alcatraz takeover

SAN FRANCISCO — For Eloy Martinez, returning to Alcatraz Island meant a joyous reunion with people he hadn’t seen in decades. It also brought a renewe...
23:26 20 November 2021

Drive behind occupation of Alcatraz lingers 50 years later

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — On a chilly November night 50 years ago, a 7-year-old Peter Bratt and his four siblings accompanied their single mother from their ...
0:00 20 November 2021

AP Was There: Native Americans take over Alcatraz Island

On Nov. 20, 1969, dozens of Native Americans took over Alcatraz in the San Francisco Bay to demand that the U.S. government recognize longstanding agr...
23:46 19 November 2021

Native American shield returned to New Mexico from France

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — When a ceremonial Native American shield was returned last week to New Mexico, tribal leaders were there to greet the sacred piece...
15:34 18 November 2021

Football brings some peace to Sioux family after suicide

VERMILLION, S.D. — Teenagers Jashawn and Jayton Pease embraced in the end zone while celebrating the 74-39 victory that made their Crow Creek Chieftai...
16:25 16 November 2021

Tribe members: Ancient bison kill site desecrated by mining

SARPY CREEK, Montana — When a coal company contractor working under federal oversight used a backhoe to dig up one of the largest known Native America...
17:58 9 November 2021

People of color make gains in mayoral races across the US

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — People of color made history this week by winning municipal races in places their families were once ignored or prevented from vot...
18:28 7 November 2021

US House OKs protections near historical park in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Walls of stacked stone jut up from the canyon floor, some perfectly aligned with the seasonal movements of the sun and moon. Circu...
21:58 30 October 2021