North Korea

Cross-border S Korean drama overcomes political risks

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — For the South Korean crew behind the latest hit drama “Crash Landing on You,” recreating the l...
5:40 21 February 2022

The Latest: Russia closing its land border with China

BEIJING — The Latest on the outbreak of a new virus from China (all times local):
15:11 30 January 2022

N Korea names sharp-tongued army figure as foreign minister

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea has named a sharp-tongued former army officer with little foreign policy experience as its top diplomat, in a possibl...
3:49 24 January 2022

US envoy surprised that NKorea didn’t give ‘Christmas gift’

SEOUL, South Korea — The U.S. ambassador to South Korea said Thursday he was surprised and pleased that North Korea did not give the U.S. an unwelcome...
10:23 16 January 2022

SKorea’s Moon could seek exemption of UN sanctions on NKorea

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korean President Moon Jae-in said Tuesday that he could seek exemptions of U.N. sanctions placed on North Korea to bring ab...
7:51 14 January 2022

N Korea: Trump’s birthday greet not enough to resume talks

SEOUL, South Korea — A North Korean official on Saturday said that the U.S. and South Korea are dreaming if they think that President Donald Trump's s...
7:09 11 January 2022

Moon renews invitation for Kim to visit South Korea

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korean President Moon Jae-in on Tuesday said he hopes to see North Korean leader Kim Jong Un fulfill a promise to visit the...
3:09 7 January 2022

US strike on Iran could have consequences in North Korea

SEOUL, South Korea — The U.S. strike that killed Iran’s top military commander may have had an indirect casualty: a diplomatic solution to denucleariz...
1:43 7 January 2022

Ups and downs in Trump-Kim nuclear diplomacy

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s threat to show the world a new strategic weapon and possibly resume long-range missile tests is another dramatic tur...
7:22 1 January 2022

North Korean leader calls for ‘military countermeasures’

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has called for active “diplomatic and military countermeasures” to preserve the country’s securit...
1:31 31 December 2022

Global shares mixed as investors eye NKorea, China-US trade

TOKYO — Global shares were mixed Monday as Chinese benchmarks surged on expectations of lower financing costs following a policy decision by the count...
13:57 30 December 2022

Kim calls for measures to protect North Korea’s security

SEOUL, South Korea —
1:43 30 December 2022

Trump faces raft of foreign policy challenges in new year

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump starts the new year knee-deep in daunting foreign policy challenges at the same time he'll have to deal with a lik...
18:18 29 December 2022

N Korea begins key meeting before year-end deadline for US

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea has opened a high-profile political conference to discuss how to overcome “harsh trials and difficulties," state medi...
1:36 29 December 2022

China, Japan, South Korea meet on North Korea, free trade

CHENGDU, China — Leaders from China, Japan and South Korea reiterated their commitment to ending North Korea's nuclear and missile programs at a trila...
6:18 24 December 2021

New construction seen at missile-related site in North Korea

SEOUL, South Korea — A new satellite image of a factory where North Korea makes military equipment used to launch long-range missiles shows the constr...
13:25 23 December 2021

World shares mostly lower in quiet pre-Christmas trading

TOKYO — Shares were mostly lower Monday in quiet trading ahead of Christmas holidays for many markets.
8:46 23 December 2021

China, South Korea, Japan meet over trade, regional disputes

BEIJING — The leaders of China, Japan and South Korea are holding a trilateral summit in China this week amid feuds over trade, military maneuverings ...
2:41 23 December 2021

US watching North Korea for ‘Christmas gift’ missile launch

WASHINGTON — The U.S. is closely watching North Korea for signs of a possible missile launch or nuclear test in the coming days that officials are ref...
5:11 20 December 2021

UN deadline to send North Korean workers home likely unmet

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea stands to lose a rare legitimate source of foreign currency, worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year, if nations...
1:20 20 December 2021

US says it won’t accept North Korea-set nuclear deadline

SEOUL, South Korea — A senior U.S. diplomat said Monday that Washington won’t accept a year-end deadline set by North Korea to make concessions in sta...
6:12 16 December 2021

Kim again rides horse up sacred peak as N. Korea raps Trump

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un rode a white horse up a sacred mountain in his second symbolic visit in less than two months, sta...
15:14 4 December 2021

Half-North Korean, half-Chinese kids struggle in South Korea

UIJEONGBU, South Korea — Song Hong Ryon looks like any other young woman in South Korea. But three years after her arrival from China, the half-North ...
2:32 4 December 2021

North Korea says it’s up to US to choose ‘Christmas gift’

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea on Tuesday repeated its assertions the Trump administration is running out of time to salvage nuclear negotiations, s...
5:46 3 December 2021

US says cryptocurrency expert violated NKorea sanctions

NEW YORK — A cryptocurrency expert has been charged with violating sanctions against North Korea by speaking at a conference there.
19:52 29 November 2021

North Korea may deploy ‘super-large’ rocket launcher soon

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea says the latest test-firing of its “super-large” multiple rocket launcher was a final review of the weapon’s combat a...
2:09 29 November 2021

Seoul says North Korea has fired 2 short-range projectiles

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea on Thursday fired two short-range projectiles, likely from a “super-large” multiple rocket launcher, South Korea’s mi...
12:01 28 November 2021

Time running out on North Korea’s deadline to US on nukes

PYONGYANG, North Korea — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump have signaled their affection for each other so regularly it might...
2:01 28 November 2021

Kim orders N. Korea artillery firing, drawing Seoul rebuke

PYONGYANG, North Korea — North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ordered his troops to practice firing artillery near a disputed sea boundary with rival South...
6:53 25 November 2021

In reversal, Seoul to keep Japan military intelligence pact

SEOUL, South Korea — In a major policy reversal, South Korea said Friday it has decided to continue a 2016 military intelligence-sharing agreement wit...
9:58 22 November 2021