‘Leaning Tower of Dallas’ endures blows from wrecking ball

1 of 3A wrecking ball smashes against the "Leaning Tower of Dallas" north of downtown Dallas, Monday, Feb. 24, 2020. The...
18:11 24 February 2022

Bear that wandered yards near Los Angeles moved to forest

MONROVIA, Calif. (AP) — A big, old bear wandered a Los Angeles foothill suburb Friday, drawing curious onlookers and new...
20:19 21 February 2022

New colobus monkey makes debut at St. Louis Zoo

ST. LOUIS (AP) — The St. Louis Zoo has a new resident, and boy is he cute.The zoo announced Thursday that Teak, a black ...
17:22 20 February 2022

Pot shops turn to highway sponsor signs amid strict ad rules

DENVER — Cannabis companies are using a loophole in Colorado's strict limits on marijuana advertising by sponsoring state highways and putting their n...
15:28 16 February 2022

‘Color us red’: Target sorry for ‘Minnesota Badgers’ onesie

MINNEAPOLIS — Target admits a onesie it carried in some stores misidentified the mascot for the largest university in its home state.
22:13 11 February 2022

Box of bear cubs bewilders man at North Carolina home

CAMDEN, N.C. — It was a bear-y baffling discovery in front of a North Carolina home.
9:25 6 February 2022

Package labeled ‘Bag Full of Drugs’ leads to Florida arrests

MIAMI — Two men charged with drug trafficking could have done a better job hiding their wares than using a package labeled “Bag Full of Drugs,” Florid...
19:59 4 February 2022

Baboon grooms little lion cub in South Africa’s Kruger park

JOHANNESBURG — A male baboon carrying and grooming a lion cub is an unusual sight, yet it happened over the weekend in South Africa's Kruger National ...
13:28 4 February 2022

Notorious Utah brothel owner’s interview eludes historians

OGDEN, Utah — Scholars at a Utah university are trying to unlock a mystery after discovering a nearly 70-year-old transcript of an interview with a no...
16:43 1 February 2022

Seller auctioning JFK docs from ex-California governor

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Former California Gov. Jerry Brown wants to know who is trying to sell his father’s memorabilia related to the assassination of P...
16:32 25 January 2022

2 elephants escape from circus in Russian city

Russia is said to be the place where bears roam the streets — but for a short while it was a free-for-all for elephants.
12:30 24 January 2022

WVa to Virginia county: Come join us. Virginia county: Nah

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Virginia is for lovers, so West Virginia is reviving a 158-year-old proposal to ask one of its counties on a date.
19:08 13 January 2022

What did we do on holiday break? A toilet paper pyramid

MIDLAND, Mich. — It's not what the Egyptians had in mind but it worked: A group of Michigan high school students made a pyramid out of toilet paper — ...
17:29 7 January 2022

Bye-bye buoy: Large beacon removed from Florida beach

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. — A large red navigation buoy that bobbed around the Atlantic Ocean for two years was removed Thursday from a Florida beach whe...
16:37 2 January 2022

Big red buoy missing for 2 years beached in Florida

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. — A big red navigation buoy that bounced along Atlantic waves for two years has beached in Florida, where it's drawing attentio...
18:37 30 December 2022

Alligators, pricey bananas and naked people: 2019 in Florida

ST. PETERSBURG — In 2019, Florida Banana managed to eclipse Florida Man. From alligator antics to naked people doing wacky things, Florida did not dis...
16:48 29 December 2022

Couple return for a 2nd dunk at Dunkin’, this time with vows

WORCESTER, Mass. — A Massachusetts couple reunited for extra-sweet wedding vows at the same Dunkin' Donuts where their young love splintered nearly 30...
20:17 28 December 2022

Football-making town sets record for most thrown at once

ADA, Ohio — An Ohio town long associated with the manufacturing of footballs has set a Guinness World Record for the most thrown at the same time.
14:44 28 December 2022

Naked fireman, binky-binging bulldog: New England’s odd 2019

BOSTON — New Englanders fired up the weirdness machine again in 2019, and it cranked out oddities pretty much nonstop.
11:11 27 December 2022

N Carolina couple call 911 on vacuum thought to be intruder

HIGH POINT, N.C. — 'Twas the night of Christmas at a North Carolina house, no creature should have been stirring, not even a mouse.
10:55 26 December 2022

‘Typo’ may have overvalued Utah home at nearly $1B

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah officials say a possible dropped phone resulted in a typo that overvalued a home for almost $1 billion.
2:53 7 December 2021

Miami Beach unveils traffic sculpture made of sand

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. — It took artist Leandro Erlich two years and 330 tons (299 metric tons) of sand to create his largest work of art to date — a giant...
14:07 5 December 2021

Cats to be put on leashes to protect wildlife? EU says No

BRUSSELS — Put domestic cats on a leash to better protect threatened birds and the environment? The European Union says that would deny mankind’s furr...
11:19 28 November 2021

Hikers answer plea to find wedding ring lost on mountaintop

MANCHESTER, N.H. — A man’s quest to find his wedding ring on a 4,000-foot snow-covered mountain in New Hampshire has been completed by a couple of hik...
13:58 27 November 2021

Man using magnet fishes WWI-era grenade from Michigan river

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A magnet-wielding angler has fished a World War I-era grenade from a western Michigan river.
12:16 27 November 2021

Man found in freezer was husband of recently deceased woman

SALT LAKE CITY — A man whose body was in a freezer for as long as 11 years was the husband of the woman who had recently died in their apartment west ...
0:52 27 November 2021

High horse: Farm animal gets stuck up in barn’s hayloft

LORIS, S.C. — A farm animal with unbridled ambition in South Carolina has given new meaning to the phrase “get off your high horse.”
12:25 26 November 2021

Gaza man masters rare skill of balancing art

BEIT HANOUN, Gaza Strip — Whenever Mohammed al-Shenbari sees a new object, he quickly tries to find its “balancing point” and make it stand in a way t...
6:08 26 November 2021

Border agents seize 154 pounds of bologna at Texas crossing

EL PASO, Texas — No baloney: U.S. border agents seized more than 150 pounds of bologna from a driver entering the country from Mexico.
16:55 24 November 2021

Police: $1M in diamonds taken during Maui Halloween heist

LAHAINA, Hawaii — An insurance company is offering a $50,000 reward to help find a masked man in a full-length black gown who stole more than $1 milli...
2:26 23 November 2021