AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s misplaced statistics on virus risks

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is painting a misleading portrait of the risks of the coronavirus, citing stati...
21:20 27 February 2022

Show me the Monet: Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts turns 150

BOSTON — Boston's Museum of Fine Arts is getting ready to show you the Monet.
19:36 4 February 2022

Painting showing Hitler as Cain displayed in Berlin museum

BERLIN — A 1944 painting by German artist George Grosz that depicts Nazi leader Adolf Hitler as the Bible's fratricidal Cain went on display at the Ge...
14:31 4 February 2022

45 years on, ‘lost’ masterpieces see light in split Cyprus

NICOSIA, Cyprus — It took more than 45 years, but 219 paintings thought lost or stolen — artwork that includes some of the most significant works prod...
10:43 4 February 2022

Experts say Vincent van Gogh self-portrait is genuine

AMSTERDAM — After years of doubts about its authenticity, experts in Amsterdam have confirmed that a Vincent van Gogh self-portrait was indeed painted...
11:36 20 January 2022

Avant-garde posters unveiled as Tokyo Olympics near

TOKYO — The official posters are out for this year's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.
11:13 6 January 2022

Mural of activist Greta Thunberg going up in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO — Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg is staring down at pedestrians in the heart of San Francisco where an artist is painting a massiv...
22:44 8 November 2021

Google digitizes artworks in Puerto Rico for 1st time

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — The 1953 painting by Rafael Tufiño Figueroa features his mother with a red scarf on her head, a determined look on her face an...
0:59 8 November 2021

Da Vinci exhibition opens in Paris, proves a major success

PARIS — Visitors are crowding into the Louvre museum in Paris to see a major retrospective of Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings.
14:56 24 October 2021